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headache,ringing in ears, joint pain and effexor effect
Posted By Mike Onofrio on April 23, 1998 at 09:33:11:

I was on low doses of effexor for about 8 months and it helped with my aniexty and
body pain. Ever since I quit I have low grade headaches on right side only..they increase with tension and
sometimes can be relieved by aspirin.  I have had more constant ringing in my right ear
my ankle was injured but it won't heal..it was not serious. my shoulder developed stiffness from playing b-ball with my son
I am frustrated...IO feel the effxor has someting to d with it. I am trying feverfew now to help. Do you have
any ideas...they exrayed the foot..no problem..some slight arithis developing
I need help but they can't find anything..I would be relieved if they found something
please respond asap
thanks mike
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