Son low heart rate
by Mama02kids, Mar 27, 2011
My son is 5. Before he turned 5 we took him in because he has always had a murmur and had an ekg and echo. Well both came back looking normal. He is a skinny little one, gets fatigued easily and at night can have the inner part of his lips turn a purple hue,  in the day his toe nails some. All of which was brought up but dismissed. sitting in the office his o2 was 98-97 being up. After his echo they said his heart looked normal but it was slow. ok....well no information followed that. Nothing about being watchful or how slow or anything. and we were sent home. He also holds his breath in a lot which we were told was him concentrating and something that isn't common but they do. He holds it in awhile and then pushes it out fast. Almost like...when i have been short of breath, rather than breathing in 20 times it was easier to hold it in a bit. So i am not sure if that is a behavioral thing or not. Anyway i have counted his pulse myself. in the day it can range being up and about to running or dancing from 80-90's. Resting is in the 70's. And sleeping is usually 68. I have seen it go to 62 and up to 70 but many times i have checked him it is 68. He does twitch at times in his sleep too. Seems to not sleep sound in the same spot all the time or sometimes i catch him snore. No blood work was done for thyroid or any other things that were mentioned including anemia. Basically i was told "well he doesn't look anemic so its not worth testing". he is skinny and pale so he has always bruised easily but they fade well. Maybe i should take his word for it? I guess i'm wondering if this is a dangerous low and if so, why the cardio told me more than once its slow but mentioned nothing else after that. And what other things i should be looking in to.
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by grendsloriBlank, Mar 27, 2011
Hello and welcome to our site. The reason your son's doctor has mentioned that your son's rate is a bit slow is because that is just what it is; a bit slow. The normal heart rate for a 4 year old is between 75 and 115 beats per minute at rest. A 6 year old is between 60 an 100; anything below 60 is referred to as bradycardia and a rate over 100 is referred to as tachycardia. Your son's rates are not that far off from those ranges. If your son's rates truely never go above the 90 mark while running around, then I would ask his doctor to have a Holter or Event Monitor put on him to see how high his rates actually go. Having said that though you must understand that children whose heart rates do not go up with exercise usually have severe forms of heart disease which would, more than likely, never have been missed. At his age a cardiologist would take notice of rates in the 50s and below. When children his age start showing symptoms of a problem, they are usually in the 40s range per minute and when they are running an awake rate in the 30s, you had better be seeing a doctor as rates that low can cause the heart to stop beating altogether. Your son's rates are nothing like that so you probably have little to worry about. The blueish discoloration around the lips are also nothing to really worry about; if the INSIDE of the mouth turns blue than this could be a sign there is a problem and I would certainly have him evaluated again. Symptoms of low heart rates would include pallor, lightheadedness, presyncope, true syncopy, sometimes problems with concentration, sometimes it can be difficult to awaken the child from a deep sleep, a lack of ability to keep up with his peers in play and sometimes even in walking. Hope this helps.