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Kidney infection after prostatectomy

Thank you very much to everyone who responded to my last posting about my Dad getting an infection one week after his catheter came out post prostate surgery. I really appreciate it!!

It turned out my Dad had a kidney infection and the bacteria was E. Coli. He was put on an IV of antibiotics and stayed in the hospital for about four days. He is now home and has been told he needs to take the antibiotics for the next month.

I was wondering if anyone else got a kidney infection after their prostatectomy...what antibiotics were you put on...how long were you on the drugs? Did you get any recurrent kidney infections?

He also has WBC, blood and protein present in his urine after taking the drugs for over a week..has anyone else had experience with this?

It is disappointing, scary and frustrating that he is having to go through this after the surgery. I wish he could just heal now and get stronger.

Thank you very much for any information.

Big Hugs

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