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Protein in Urine
I am 43 years and I recently went to do a pap smear and was told that there was protein in my urine.  I did a little reach on the internet and I'm concern since for my two pregnancies (C sections) I had hydronephrosis.  After the 1st pregnancy in 1993 I did IVP and the result was " There was prompt symmetrical excretion of contrast media. The left kidney lies higher than the right.  The pelvicalyceal systems, ureters and bladder appear normal.  
After the 2nd pregnance in 2004 the IVP was:  Control Film - No radio opacity seen.  After injection of 50ml of i.v. ultravist contrast, there was normal nephrographic effect present in the both kidneys.   Both rrenal pelvices appeared prominent.  There was kinking of right proximal ureter junction.  Otherwise both urters and bladder opacified normally.  After voiding there was significant amount of contrast in the bladder.  IMP:  1. Bilateral extra renal pellvis 2.  Kinking of right ureter at pelvi ureteric junction 3.  Normal excretion of contrast by both kidneys and ureters. (No obstruction). 4.  Significant residual urine in the bladder after voiding.  My blood pressure is 134/78.  Does the protein in the urine mean that something is wrong and should I see a doctor?
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