lower abdominal pain during orgasm
by lhouston, Jun 29, 2008
I have pain in my lower right abdomin - feels like it is my ovary...right before orgasm.  Feels unpleasant and has continued for 3 months.
by Lennox Hoyte, M.D.Blank, Jul 14, 2008
DOes the pain come with only with orgasm, with and without penetration? Does it come at certain times of the month, around midcycle? Always on the same side?

If it is only with orgasm, and not otherwise, you may consider musculoskeletal pain from the pelvic floor or other nearby muscle. You might benefit from a course of pelvic floor physical therapy, assuming the remainder of your gyn workup is normal.

If it is around midcycle and after, consider adenomyosis, which can make midcycle and periods be painful. (if you have a uterus and have periods)

If it is all the time, consider an infection in your fallopian tube.

Dr. Hoyte

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