urine test, white and red blood cells
by kakl, Mar 24, 2010
What does it mean when you have both red and white blood cells in your urine? I have had UTIs before and I recently went to the ER because of symptoms of frequent urination, being bloated, tender,and after urinating, not quite of a burning but a tingling/pressure.  Also it hurt (felt pressure), sitting and my back hurt a bit.  They took a urine sample and sent me home with prescriptions and told me to follow up with my pcp, which I did, he said the results stated that I had both red and white blood cells in my urine.  He suggested I see my GYN since my history includes having several fibroids removed, a LSH, and an abdominal wall mass removed with quite a bit of endometriosis.  My doc would not give me a refill on the medicine, which I questioned because sometimes it takes another round of the meds before you get better, which they even told me in the ER and I have experienced from past UTIs.  If not a UTI, then what could it be?
by Bruce S. Crawford, MDBlank, Mar 26, 2010
There are many things that can cause red blood cells and white blood cells to show up in the urine.  These cells may be there because of infection but also may be evidence of an inflammatory condition that is not infectious such as “painful bladder syndrome/interstitial cystitis”.  The possibility of a stone in the kidney, ureter, or bladder should be considered as should the possibility of a neoplasm (precancerous or a cancer).  It is possible that the urethra is the source of these cells as might be the case if you have a urethritis or urethral diverticulum.  Finally the cells may be a contaminant from the vagina.   Kidney problems can also result in red and white blood cells showing up in the urine.   A visit with a urologist or urogynecologist would be the best way to sort out this long laundry list of possible explanations.  Good luck
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