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An important vitamin to include in your treatment
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An important vitamin to include in your treatment


Check out this information about vitamin K2, a less known type of vitamin K.  There is also information you need to know about the prescription vitamin D.  It is alright for helping give your vitamin D a boost, but you NEED natural vitamin D, or D3.  Besides, its a synthetic vitamin D.

While calcium is mentioned in this article, do NOT neglect to take your magnesium.  Take your magnesium in the morning and take your calcium at night before you go to bed.  Both are important, but my neurologist told me it's important not to take them too closely together.  This could also prove helpful if you are one of the ones who can't handle the higher doses of vitamin D supplements, since this would be your opportunity to take part of your vitamin D in the morning with your magnesium and part of it at night with your calcium.

As Dr. Mercola acknowledges, most of us can't stand Japanese natto, which is a good source of K2.  It is also the only acceptable soy product that is actually healthy for you.  All other soy products are simply unacceptable, because they are NOT healthy for you.  If you can stand natto, it is said to be inexpensive.  I noticed that vitamin K2 supplements are not so inexpensive.  If you can tolerate dairy and can tolerate fermented cheeses, the article says this is a good way, too.  Do not use natto if you have an allergy or intolerance to other soy products.  You would be better off with the supplement if you also can't handle fermented cheeses.  People with migraines or IBS usually also have tyramine intolerance, which is the short answer for why you wouldn't be able to handle fermented foods without having symptoms of either the migraine trigger or IBS flare-up.

In other articles Dr. Mercola still repeats information from the Vitamin D Council about magnesium, so taking your magnesium still holds true.  It just isn't emphasized in this particular article.  Vitamin K1 is still important, but it's more readily available in your organic green vegetation food sources.  Vitamin K2 is less known, so this article is important to read.
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