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Just diagnosed with a VDD
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Just diagnosed with a VDD

Just found this group, thank goodness. I was just diagnosed with a VDD about 2 weeks ago.  I am 23 and have been "sick" for almost 7 years now. This is was after I contracted Mono and Epstein Barr and was in a car accident. Therefore, it was hard for the doctors to pinpoint an issue, and so just diagnosed me with Chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia at 17. I have tried many things since then to feel better.  Various Gluten free, dairy free, gran free and sugar free diets, homeopathics, physical therapy, whole foods, organic, detoxes, massage,birth control pills for what I thought were hormonal issues...just many things. I at times felt great doing these things, but I think it was only because I was effectively treating the symptoms. The good feeling never lasted long, or was even  that good for that matter.

A reputable endocrinologist just checked me out and things came back excellent, except my vitamin d levels. They are at 16.  I am honestly still  a little skeptical about this diagnosis. Until I read some info on this deficiency, I just did not believe it could cause all of my issues. But maybe it does? Do these symptoms sound familiar to anyone?

weight gain
extreme fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome like, had to quit working
upper back pain, pretty severe at times
calve pain
just very achey (achy) everywhere
insomnia at times
unrefreshing sleep
just a sad feeling sometimes
extreme hunger and thirst
memory issues
focus issues
abdominal pain
sensitive skin
sensitve to fragrances

There are probably many more, but I just can't think. I really did at one point thought I had a thyroid issue or something hormonally wrong. It's hard to let go of that.

I have been put on 50,000 I.U's  of vitamin d for 8 weeks. I take one pills once a week. Last week I took my first dosage, and I have to say still felt bad, but in a "doable" way. My acne even looked a bit on the clear side. Some meals I had filled me. That was a pretty big deal because ever since I was little I was always hungry.  I was even jonesing for my second pill. Well, I took the second pill yesterday, and I just feel rotten. I feel like I am in a flare up of my everything that is wrong. Is this normal? Will it take a while to feel a difference? and if so, why did i start to feel a teensy bit better last week after my first dose?

Sorry for the long message. I appreciate any incite I can get.
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