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Journals about Exercising

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by mickyeggs, Oct 03, 2012
i did a lot of work in my yard and woods , which made my belly smaller. i dread the cold we...
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by NatM80, Sep 16, 2011
Well, I checked with my Doc, and she said, because I've done Zumba and swimming for a l...
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by Risa615, Jan 08, 2011
My goal this month is to lose 10 pounds. I am exercising and logging in all my calories. S...
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by Krisiness, Oct 10, 2009
I was having this really ****** up dream. I was raiding these people's house. Whom had ...
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by xxtailsxx, Sep 20, 2009
So far i havent had to bad side effects from the Metformin so as of tomorrow ill be startin...