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Journals about Suicidal


by puddels, Jan 03, 2013
I never thought it would get this far. It's not really serious yet but I still didn&#x...

by Lizz67, Apr 07, 2012
Signed up for *********** to help me lose weight. Remeron put 40 lbs on me 6 years ago and...

by benjim, Dec 22, 2010 - 2 Comments
Havent dissociated much. Remembered more about last night. Heres what i noted in my phon...

by benjim, Dec 20, 2010
Strange night, was on the phone and had some of the usual thoughts, but devoid of emotional...

by dontcareanymore, Nov 08, 2010
Well it is another monday and the hubby is pulling a 10 hour day, which don't get me w...

by drblue, Sep 28, 2010
really and truly struggling. not sure i want to e here like this anymore. i will never be...

by piinkpanther, May 04, 2010
feeling so damn depressed. Dont know why. today I feel a slight bit better then yesterday. ...

by blunik, Feb 19, 2010
Now I have my professional diagnosis of Bipolar II, and it seems that the increase in med (...

by blunik, Feb 23, 2009
Just as well I wasn't working today. Couldn't see D though, a bit much after dinn...

by AnorexicHeart, Oct 07, 2008
Been out of Celexa for almost a week. Im starting to cry now easily. Dr wont refill unless ...