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Journals about spine

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by lroads, Sep 05, 2011
have run out of my ritalin (it seems i am never prescribed the right amount). so my back w...
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by kelliejeanne, Aug 07, 2011
HISTORY- blood tests for thyroid problems, hormones, auto immune diseases and arthritis don...
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by cornishcarol, Dec 16, 2010
well its the thursday before Christmas and i am in extreme pain with my spine surgery yet a...
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HURTS Continuously
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by T_Suki, Apr 13, 2010
My brother in law got in a motorcycle wreck saturday afternoon. He broke L 3 4 and 5. For ...
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by eevee864, Nov 14, 2009
well its along time since i used this and to be honest i forgot i was signed up !! anywa...
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by Suzie9, Nov 12, 2009 - 2 Comments
The MRI came back with no change and the lesions I did have are smaller on my brain and no ...
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by JMar63, Oct 08, 2009
Today I am taking the Tizanidine for the muscle spasms. The pain in my back feels like som...
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by averagegeek, Oct 07, 2009
I've been reading through you, journals, and I sure can see the emotional rollercoaster...
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Today I feel like the weather! Its humid and my spine feels it.I could be a weather girl so...