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Colitis Community

Recently doctor gave me tetracycline oilment to apply on my anus and when the oilment went into the opening I felt sharp pain. Will topic...
I have had issues with diarrhea for at least the past year. It only happens in the mornings. I was, more or less just brushing it off but...
m a 30 year old male i do smoke recreationally. My grandpa from my dads side had bowel cancer at a really late age in his late 70s and my...
I have stomach pains in various places of my belly (mostly lower left). I was diagnosed with colitis but was not told how severe my probl...
I did spinal surgery (removal of tumors om the T-12 and L-1) four weeks ago, and my stomach had been bloated with pain after any meal eve...
Hello Community! Question: Can somebody tell me if colon surgery will cause a Hepatitis C false positive reading with a blood test? ...
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