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Controlling Oil

ive had acne since i was in my early teens, been on accutane various times , works the BEST,. I find it works the best because it dries up all the oil.

My problem is that I have SEVERE oily skin, so bad that only after 30 mins of washing my face it becomes covered in a thick laryer of oil which causes extreme shinyness and wetness. its very embarrassing and annoying. bedsheets get detstroyed and need to be washed so fast..

my doctor refuses to give me a low dose of accutane for long term treatment to control the oil which will also eliminate the acne

right now im using clindamycin lotion which controls the acne about 85% but still leaves my skin super oily.

i would like to know if anyone knows how to control oil on the face, im not talking about a little oil, severe oil.

i hate my life.

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Can you get a second opinion from a more sympathetic doctor? Although only licensed for short term use, Accutane is more commonly prescribed at a micro-dose in the long term (except in females of child bearing potential) when other treatments have resulted in failure or relapse. What does your doctor recommend for the long-term management of your acne? It is obviously having a very negative effect on your life.
Use a good cleanser for oily skin, I recommend Effaclar by La Roche-Posay or Sparkling Clean by Estee Lauder.
You may find a retinoid like Differin (adapalene) more effective than topical clindamycin, to which you may develop a tolerance.
Best Wishes, Eloise.
Ps What part of Toronto are you from? I'm from Queen street but now live in UK.
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Ive been on pills, all kinds of prescriptions. Only prescription I like for acne is the treatment gel. I use Clinique 3 step it control my oilyness and my face is seriously even, clean and soft. Who knew my skin would ever be like that after having acne for 10 years? Anywase seriously look it up clinique 3 step system on youtube they have great reviews and i swear by it. I use it twice a day. I am skin type 3. the clinique website tells you which skin type u are and which 3 step u need to get. It included the cleanser, exforliator (which contains witch hazel) I LOVE IT thats what removed your oil and your gel lotion. Just because you have oily skin does NOT mean u do not need to moisturize... we with oily skin just need a different kind of moisturizer its very important. You will see a difference in the first week. Its been 2 months and my skin is not the same its freaking amazing.. and to think i went from cystic acne to this? ya pretty crazy.
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Im from ajax ontario, why did you leave toronto?? ajax is about 30 mins outside toronto, dont know how long you were here for, are you coming back?

this differin , is it a pill or cream/lotion?

the micro dose  of accutane, would that be like 1mg a day? do they even make it at that low of a dose?

to be honest when i did use accutane in my teens when i had it bad,. after the first 3-4 weeks after it started working and i completely cleared up, i only took one pill every like 5 days,. i didnt need to take it every other day like stated.. unfortunately the clear skin and oil free skin lasted only several months then it all came back. it is the OIL thats the problem. if i can control the oil, i wont have any acne at all.

i go to a special acne doc and when i did ask him for a small dose of accutane he immediately said no and that it was a very serious powerful drug and just ended the discussion right there.
he just wants me to keep using the clindamycin lotion which DOES keep the acne 85% at bay BUT does NOTHING for the oil. my oil is so bad when i talk to people, they rub their face as a sign to show me that i need to wash my face,. i hate it and sumtimes i feel like telling them i know its oily f-you and f-off but i dont say anything, its very embarrassing.

i will look into this differin stuff, i hope its a lotion and not a pill. please give me more info if you can and message me if u want.

thanks and bye
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hey thanks for your reply

i will def look into this clinique stuff u are talking about.. i hope it works!
i have so much oil on my face i can fry an egg,. seriously its whack!

so you went from cystic acne, then tried this stuff and it took all the cystic acne away?

or were you on other acne meds or birth control while you were using the clinique too?

i would love to see before and after pics if you got them

please message me. thanks.

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