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Is this eczema? Suggest any cure?

I used to have flawless skin until I have a major exam last year 2011. I used to play some sports in school during cox curricular activities. However, we hav to stop this activity as the exam is drawing near and the trials is about to start. That was when my rashes started to appear. The rash started to appear in the middle of my chest, both sides of my arm( the part where we are able to bend, the antebrach?) then as days past the rash( red spots) spreaded all over my body. My parents brought me to a total of 5 doctors in this 2 years(2011-2012) my skin gt better a little then the rashes came back again. Bt this time the rashes cover lesser parts of my body. The doctors kept giving me some steroids cream which I know that it's nt good for the skin. After seeing so many doctors and my skin doesn't seem to be better I started to simply use cream/lotion/soap. For example the moogoo cream, eucerin dry skin lotion, eucerin body soap and sometimes use the cream given by different doctors. Some doctors say it is eczema. Then this year a few weeks ago my went to a pharmacy shop and asked the person there about my skin and showed him my arm, and he said it may nt be eczema bt maybe some kind of bed bug biting me. Then later my mum showed him my back of the shoulder and he was shocked by the condition of my skin and said it is a fungus infection and advices my mum to buy a mild steroid cream called Econazine an anti fungal cream. After using my skin became 'slightly' better bt it came back again and now my front neck to the top of my chest there's red bumps which look like pimples and some are small red bumps. I think my face started to hav some dark 'scab' ? Especially in my chin and the top of my mouth in between my nose.  I have bad rashes on my back on the lower part of my stomach, a little rash between my thighs, a rounded red peeling rash slightly below my buttocks and rashes around the sides of my inner hip.  ;(. Please tell me if this is eczema and how to cure this?
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Hi there!

Well, without a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of the rash. Possibilities that may need to be considered include infections, inflammations such as eczema, allergies, immunological issues, primary skin conditions, micronutrient deficiencies, haematological issues etc. Without a definite diagnosis at hand it would be difficult to suggest a management plan. I would suggest an evaluation by an experienced dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Hi WInterG,

I just come across your message and am so concerned about your condition. My doter has an aczema and it was v bad last year, I tried almost everything but nothing seems to be good. So, I decided to stop everything and it just vanished when I moved to my new house. We concluded her condition was because of the bad air circulation in the old place; condo (windows always closed). But i guess I was wrong..we are beginning to deduce again the cause since the problem is slowly coming back. Anyways, her condition is a bit different than yours cos u never had eczema. Your case is more like one of my friend. He has this sudden skin prob. I met him when my doter had the prob last year. He finally completely recovered after taking stemcell. He personally shared my all his pictures...It is completely safe because it is not a medicine. A bit costly though. I hope it will help you. I pray for you. Here is the link if you are interested. https://www.iphytoscience.com/eng/doublestemcell.asp

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