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My Acne problem and cosmetics

I have acne problems, I tried medications but it didn’t work !
so now I thought of heading towards cosmetics!
I have 2 options infront of me: Clarins or Dermatologica

I am very worried and I am concerned ! I dont want my face to be worse than now !
any advices?

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you don't say which medications you have tried, but you must give them about 12 weeks to work. Acne usually responds well to a course of oral antibiotics such as Oxytatracycline 250mg twice a day and a topical retinoid such as Differin (adapalene). Female acne patients will also benefit from taking a combined oral contraceptive pill such as Yasmin or diane35 since the oestrogen and anti-androgens these contain block the effects of acne-causing male hormones (like testosterone) on the skin. If these medicines have resulted in failure or relapse after long term use, you may be a candidate for oral Isotretinoin (Roaccutane) the strongest acne medicine available.
Cosmetics will not cure acne, although camoflague make-up will be helpful until medication has a chance to work. I recommend Estee Lauder's Maximum Coverage foundation, Toleriane by La Roche-Posay or Dermablend by Vichy.
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I never found a topical medication that worked, although I did find some that made it worse. Makeup always made it worse as well. Try a course of antibiotics. This might or might not work. Remove the scars with dermabrasion.
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Acne is not incurable. There are quite a number of home-made remedy can really help you in treating you acne problem but the thing is cure wouldn't happen overnight. Have an acne treatment regimen and stick to it. Avoid make-up, it will only aggravate the skin disorder.
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