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Sudden breakout I feel awful! help please?

Hi, when I was younger (17) I had acne (it wasn't terrible but it was pretty bad) after a year or so it disappeared... I was so happy all the time that i finally got rid of pimples! But last October (now I'm 22) i had a MAJOR breakout.. I still have tons of pimples in my forehead and chicks... I have tiny and huge pimples.. white heads and others are pink... I have always washed my face with warm water 2 o 3 times a day, I use astringent and a no oily cream. My mom says it all started because i stressed about a guy who treated me awful and according to her I was too blind to see that.. Now I know i messed it up being with him..but i wonder if it had anything to do with the pimples.. I'm just so tired of looking at my face.. I miss who I used to be (happy and joyful, worry-free) I feel so ugly and fat and pimple-full! I don't now what to do (I eat enough fruits and veggies and I drink tons of water plus I exerciser daily... 3-5 km each day..) Please please help me....
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Hi there,
A  clinical examination is necessary for correct diagnosis and management of your symptoms. If it is only on one side of face the possibilities could be dermatitis, allergies or acne. It is though unusual for acne to be on one side of face. Acne occurs due to a blockage of oil underneath the skin and builds up with bacteria causing inflammation and develops into a pimple. The common causes of acne are poor diet, stress, genetic, dirt, hormonal imbalances, cosmetics, work-related and drugs. Wash your face with mild soap many times a day. Avoid popping or scratching them. Drink plenty of water. Take good sleep.Benzoyl peroxide is very effective for acne. The vitamins which are important for healthy skin are vitamins A, B,C and Vitamin A is an antioxidant and helps keep pores clean. Vitamin B helps improve blood circulation. It helps to detoxify and get rid of impurities from skin. Vitamin E helps in acne breakouts and lightening of scars. Zinc and omega 3 fatty acids are also good for skin. Do not take more than the recommended daily amount of any vitamin, unless under supervision from your doctor. For more queries and assistance visit a dermatologist. Hope it helps.
Best luck and regards!
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