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Vitamin D

Just to let everyone know, if you want to try the vitamin D way of getting rid of acne, you should go to your doctor first!

I bought vitamin D capsules today and spoke to the pharmicist, she says this is quite dangerous and should speak to my doctor
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Hi everyone... sorry the vitamin D therapy isn't the cure for acne like I had made it out to be before.  But vitamin D is a very critical nutrient you need in your diet if you are not getting it on a regular basis from the sun.  And I still think that it does play a role in helping your acne get better.

I cut out milk and cheese and I always protect myself from the sun so I will be using vitamin D supplementation regularly no matter what.  It can lead to wide variety of diseases.

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and can be toxic at high doses.  The RDI for vitamin D is currently at 400 IU daily, but I personally believe you should have around 1000 daily.

It depends... are you out in the sun enough???

The reason why UV light helps cure peoples acne is because it includes light in the blue wavelength spectrum which will cause a protein in the bacteria to release singlet oxygen destroying the bacteria.  

This is why people that goto tanning beds also 'temporarily' cure there acne.  I've actually seen a tanning salon advertise " WE FIX YOUR ACNE" .  No it's only temporary fix, the bacteria will come back to make themselves home again.

But tanning beds are not healthy at all and cause the breakdown of collagen, causing pre-mature wrinkling, damage the DNA... etc.  Don't use a tanning bed to cure your acne.

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i have a minor acne now what shall i do? i want my face flawless and smooth please help me im 22 years old.
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I had moderate acne but it was of the large bumps deep under the skin on my back and some on my forehead bit that is about all. I was working in landscaping and was exposed to the the sun all day. My acne cleared up almost completely. I did not change my diet, I do exercise but continued consuming milk and cheese, breads pasta and everything else your supposedly not to consume if u want to control your acne.other than exercise,  lots of water and sunlight I changed nothing and my acne was 90% gone. However I changed jobs and I am working inside I dnt get in the sun much and my back acne is coming back. My forehead is still quite clear tho. I read about the vit d. And started taking it but to early to tell. However I believe the nutrients from tbe sun is the only way. My acne was GONE for months and the only thing that has changed is no sun exposure.
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