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acne problem

I am 26 yrs old, and i never had acne problem before, but it has been four to five months that i am noticing my skin is changing. I am getting lots of pimples on my face and my fricles are increasing as well. What should i do to gain my old skin back?
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The traditional Chinese medicine thought that this defect many are thermal by the Rung meridian after the wind, fumigation in flesh, either food greasy pungent, the spleen and stomach product heat, outside violates the flesh, as result. The treatment by expelling wind, clearing  heat, regulation Chongmai and Renmai.
The spicy food and fry food should be avoided now. Seggestion is that you should't alwasy touch the pimples skin cause it will bring the bateriac and make the skin even more worst.
The TCM has the fireneedle can help you get rid of the situation. Cause it could help you order your body`s qi and blood. Hope that i help.
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r u female? if so do u take birth control
either online or vitamin store buy probiotics enough to take 100 billion cultures daily for a month and see if things don't go back to normal
use antibiotic soap and buy some benzoyl peroxide 10 available in all drug stores etc.
good luck
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