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Am I at risk of addiction

I got a prescription from my dr for xanax at .25 mg due to anxiety over family illness and financial circumstances.   I previous got a prescription annually just to take for certain anxious situations and probably took 1 .25mg a month at best.  
Now I have been taking the .25mg script for about 3 months.  Have flip flopped with different dosages, but the highest was at .125 mg 2 x daily.   Now I have taken none for some days, or .125mg some days probably averaging one every other day, or maybe 5 of out 7 days.
I don't have panic attacks, just anxious feelings flare up and I reach for the pills for relief.   With such a low dose, should I be concerned about addiction?  My dr wants me to take an antidepressent but tried zoloft and couldn't stand it.  So only the xanax at the moment.   I don't drink alcohol generally, but might have 1 drink on a day I don't take xanax.
Thanks for any input
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me & xanax used to have a love/hate relationship, so I may have some input for you:)  However, did you mean 125mgs OR 1.25mgs?  I am familiar with 1.25 and i don't think it would be possible to take 125mgs, but i just wanted to make sure before I anwser.
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It is half of a .25 so therefor .125 mg.  Not alot at all.  Half of lowest dose.
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You and I are doing exactly the same thing. My prescription is for .25 mg. and I usually try taking just half. I do not take it every day, but sometimes two or three days in a row. Neither you nor I are at risk for addition. We both take small doses and we take them erratically, not on a maintenance basis. I find Xanax very helpful.
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Thank you for sharing.  It seems like I shouldn't worry too much but you read these posts it makes me wonder.  I have social anxiety and I always worry I'll be required to speak or have attention brought to me which I hate, hate, hate.  So I take my .125 when I go where I think that could happen.  If I didn't have them, I would not go.  Now have to look for a job and I will need my .125 even for an interview.  Does slow down the brain a bit, but hopefully I can at least speak.  I experienced an interview was I was 18 years old (now 63) and I was not able to speak.....too nervous, voice cracked, and oddly enough I got the darn job!
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I started at .25 many years ago, dropped it, started again but always AS NEEDED. Four years ago I took .25 three times a day to experiment. That is the recommended mininimum dose for old folk. In five days I was hallucinating and had suicidal visions. But the med has served me well . I'm up to .50 at times now and trying extended release. I have no worries about addiction. I begin to think that the fearful ecperinces on the forums are from symtpms people feel WHEN THEY TRY TO STOP.
I see no reason to stop my low, as-needed dose.
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i should have said: 'when they try to stop from much higher doses then we take'
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