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How long will my withdrawals last?

Been on methadone for exactly 7 days, 6 consecutive days of 40mg, took my last dose 3 days after. It’s now been 7 days since my last dose, I’ve finally managed to regain some sleep still have stomach cramps and pains in my legs are sporadic throughout the day. Closing in on my 8th day, any idea how much longer till I regain tip top anyone?
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I can tell you what will help you and it is non-addicting. It is called CBD oil and is made from the Marijuana plant it does not give you a high. Just relaxes you. You can get it on-line. People are also using it to cure cancer and seizures in Children. They say it is good for kicking Methadone, opioids, etc..
try googling: Methadone withdraw and CBD oil and where to but CBD oil.
Thanks I’ll try that
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Your welcome us former addicts have to stick together. But on youtube if you type in youtube search engine: How to make CBD oil you can find out you will need marijuana though.
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