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I'm addicted badly to snorting wellbutrin sr and cant stop.

I have become addicted badly to wellbutrin sr and I want to stop and  cant. Has anyone else been through this too?
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Isn't that an antidepressant??? I myself have not had any experience w/ this nor do I remember reading anything similiar bu ther are nurses that post here often and maybe can give you some advice?? If you don't mind me askind why is it u do this?? Do u feel an affect from it or have you had previous addictions w/ drugs you sniff and may be just using "drug behavior"? I'm just very curious, good luck in trying to stop as I'm sure it's horrible for your nasal passage..
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That is not constructive advice. Actually it is not advice at all. This forum is somewhere people come to get help, not to listen to how good drugs make you feel. Please have some respect.
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I may be out of line here but I don't really think that daisy699 meant any harm by her question. I too was curious and felt the same that maybe it was drug behavior that was the reason. I have read about addicts using needles with just water because the addiction to the needle was just as bad as the drug they used before. I think in understanding all aspects of our addictions it helps us that much more in our recovery. The support here is always wonderful and your reply just caught me off guard. Again, no disrespect intended.
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I also don't think she meant anything negative by her question. I am also curious as to why someone would snort a antidepressant. It doesn't mean I'm wanting to know, so I can get high. Knowledge is power, so lets hear about it. I'm also wondering if she takes wellbutrin by mouth?
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It isn't directed at either...I reported the post and it has been removed.
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i learned it in prison and yes it does give you a high much like cocaine and or speed also mAkes me horny...i really want to **** on it
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