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Neurontin and THC withdrawal

I have been smoking marijuana daily for over 4 years now (eighth ounce per day at worst point). I am currently on my 2nd day clean and I am experiencing terrible anxiety, very restless legs, and nagging headaches. I have some 300mg Neurontin capsules which I have read may help with some of these symptoms. Does anyone have any experience with Neurontin(Gabapentin) for THC withdrawals?

I realize that every person reacts differently to medications. I am just looking for some general information before I begin the Neurontin therapy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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HI welcome to the forum......sounds to me like your smoke was laced with some form of narcotic physical symptoms are not normally part of weed withdrawals when you mentioned the restless legs im thinking there was ether oxy or heroin in your weed if so your going to be sick for a few days.....they make some stuff called highlands restfull legs....you can pick it up at walmart in the vitamin section it will help with the leg thing as for the anxiety that can be caused by ether although weed dosent have a physical withdrawal it does have a physiological one like  not sleeping well anxiety bad moods the llist goes on your best bet is to get off it for good....I smoked it for years and nothing good came out of it except a lot of broken dreams I wish you luck with your withdrawal keep posting if it gets more physical then it already is we have some home remadys that can help if it is narcotic withdrawal your going threw good luck.....Gnarly      
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Thanks Gnarly. I understand that pot withdrawal doesnt NORMALLY lead to physical symptoms. But everyone reacts differently. I can guarantee that my pot wasnt laced with ANYTHING because Ive been growing and harvesting my own for 3 1/2 years and NOONE besides me has access to my product. The headaches and restless legs are minor compared to my anxiety. It's just nagging at all times! im wondering if the that may be causing my headaches. Ive read about people using Neurontin to treat General Anxiety Disorder and even a few atricles on treating THC withdrawals. I have access to quite a few 300 mg capsules and Im wondering if anyone can tell me how of if they might help.
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HI    AHHH a man after my own heart I grew indoors for yrs....neurontin is a funny drug and reacts differently in everybody....I was given it for chronic pain and it not only dident work but the side effects where awful ....that stuff can really mess with your head if I where you I would stay away from it  your withdrawals will probably be a week or less but to deal with the addiction I recommend N/A or A/A to you addiction dosent just go away on its own it need to be treated regardless of what your vice is treat the disease and you can live in recovery if you dont chance are good you will go back or find a new addiction its a vicious cycle
I wish you luck apertetly your growing some prity strong bud...hence all the side effects
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Marijuana does not have physical withdrawls that are known of, that is to say it's not impossible. It does have mental and even emotional withdrawls though.

I am thinking the marijuana might have been helping your anxiety. I am not supporting you smoking it, but I am just letting you know.

I understand this site is not a debate site. It is not where people get into how they feel regarding medications and or other drugs.

I am letting you know that people claim (supported or not) that marijuana has helped them with a range of mental and emotional issues. Again, I am not saying you should go back to it, just giving you the facts as I understand them.

The people have posted are giving you good advice. Just from my opinion, you should be ok after no later than 7 days of stopping then I would say it's time to see a therapist and or doctor.
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Thanks Gnarly. Im on Day 3 and im doing somewhat better..My headaches arent as bad today but the anxiety is still nagging!! I think your right about the N/A classes. Im going to look into that to get some more support. Its amazing how much just talking to someone can help. It gives me strength to know that theres people out there who care. Im going to try and stay away from the Neurontin. I greatly appreciate your advice! I think Im going to try growing a Bonzai Tree to replace my pot plants..I really enjoyed caring for my plants and I dont want to stop just because I cant grow pot anymore.

I have to admit though my finished product was soo sweet. ;)
Thanks again for your advice! Its been helping greatly!
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Thanks  trdofbeingtrd. You are right on about the pot helping my anxiety! I think thats why I turned to it in the first place! I do strongly believe that there are some GREAT benefits from pot but for me its an AMBITION KILLER! There are alot of things that i have to straighten out in my life (education, stable career) and I think my pot habit is holding me back from enjoying the important things in life! Its soo hard though because I know it does help me greatly when Im anxious or down. I feel so torn and thats the hard part! I dont want to enable my habit but at the same time I think about how much better it makes me feel! I think I may have been self-medicating an underlying problem and I am going to see a doctor as soon as I can.

Thank You Sooo Much for your advice! Its been extremely helpful!
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