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Percocet addiction and weaning off?

Well its been 7 years and had shoulder surgery last november, 13 months ago and had to take the pain meds.  Became addicted for the second time.   In the weaning off stage now after taking 6 to 8  10/325 oxycodonne a day usually starting at 5 at night. Down to 1.5 and taking .25 during the day another .5 at about 6 pm and then about .25 again at 11 or so.  Wake up about 4 or 5 with bad restless legs, itching sking and usual withdrawels.  anything changed in the last 7 or so years to help with side effects and withdrawels that are over the counter.  I do use restless leg tablets from Walgreens but not really working great.  Any vitamins or anything to help  and should i wean further or cold turkey from this point. Just worried about the pacemaker I have and causing worse problems.  Thanks for any advice
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Hi  and welcome to the forum.....well the pasemaker sends up a red flag  where there are health problems like this ALWAYS consult your doctor b/4 stopping the meds  detoxing is ruff on a health body  it is always better to error on the side of safety ........Gnarly
Thanks  Gnarly.  I have been weaning gradually.  Been splitting them now into 1/4ths.  they are 10/325's so when I start feeling the restless legs, headache, anxiety, body aches and pains I take  another 1/4.  I think I can get thru the next 24 hours or 48 on just that much and probably cut back to 3/4's for the day on Sunday and Monday, 1/2 for the day in 2 doses on tuesday and wed and then be done and fight off the withdrawels then and should be mild hopefully.  Anyone know if the withdrawels could be the CAUSE of my dizziness and nausea???  Dr. thought first vertigo but ruled that and inner ear out. thanks for any input and please help if any experience out there.
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