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can you smell it

Is there an odor on someones breath after they use crack cocaine?
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there may be some odor after smoking crack, but you would just bout have to be there within 5 minutes of them smoking a hit to really smell it. but my wife can smell it on my clothes more than on my breath. fabric tends to hold smells longer then our breath does i guess.
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When he comes home I can smell like a burnt plastic type of smell on his breath.  I am 7 months pregnant and have super sonic smelling power right now.  He is trying really hard to hide it from me but I see a pattern in his behaviour.  What do you smoke it out of?
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A glass pipe usually...
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You can smoke it from anything that wont burn up - heated spoons, heated foil, all sorts of pipes, even the cars cigarette lighter ------  it usually has a strong chemical smell -
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how long does it stay in your system?
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I tested positive after 7 days
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