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When will it stop!

I just want to be back to my old self and it just aint happnen!!!! Cant do ****! Cant even clean the house, go to the store, i can hardly go to work. Home is good everybody is behind me but seems i need more maybe i sound selfish but im lonely it seems..........dont know what the hell my problem is.........gezzzzzzzz wish i could get over this (if you dont know me im on day 15 i think maybe 16 but whos counting)
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Have you tried any amino acids to help? Also SamE 400mg helps this. Check with Dr if on anti-depressants. I have 2 posts in my journals that might help. Thomas recipe and one on amino acids.
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Yeah i agree, this whole detox thing is the hardest thing i have ever done.

We will be fine.

Keep busy and exercise, it is the only thing that has really helped (plus this forum).
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You need to see your doctor hun. You probably would benefit from a good check-up anyway. Please go, I don;t want to see you give up.
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I know this forum has helped. I dont help many on here but i tried, I lurk alot and it has helped i just cant seem to get past depression. I dont even crave the **** dont want it or anything. Not on antidepress but maybe should be. Have been in the past for ( I cant even remember.....car accident/stroke) Im not suffering from stroke made a remarkable recovery docs are shocked just depressed now.......Sorry im babbling
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You're not babbling. Makes sense to me. I found dark chocolate (70% cocoa) helped me some. A check up is a good idea, but you can get the supplements, even today.
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Seen my doc but didnt tell him about depression. Last time he put me on some kinda super pill and w/ds were  horrible
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This last time I w.d, the depression was horrible. It was so bad and I would not have been ok if it weren't for some here. I know what you mean, I didn't want to do anything nor did I care. You just have to try your hardest to get through it. Its hard, I know. But we are here for you. I mean that. Anything you need or want to talk about. Have you tried talking to someone? How about your family dr?
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Family doc knows husband too well and gave me xanax......lol. Husband is GREAT but i dont know he wants things im not willing to give and i get depressed maybe its just me
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I dont know if this will help, but you can check into yourself and see what you think. I found a website while searching and learning about opiate withdraw. There is a product call neu-recover. It is basically 'brain food' I bought it for my son, but he kinda laughed at me. (addict) It helps to restore the natural brain function with L-Glutamine, 5 HTP etc.. Also I found that pepper extract helps give you a boost of endorphins immediatley when sprayed up your nose (I know this sounds painful) My son loved the pepper spray and went through a bottle in a week. It is called Sinus Busters. ($16)  I had high hopes for helping my son with these products, but he is not open to suggestions much these days. I bought the "vitamins" and also a product called neu-becalmd. Going through my sons addiction and all I have been a wreck! My heart races and I have panic attacks where I cant catch my breath. I tried it myself one night and within 15 min my whole self felt relaxed tingly and at ease. I take them at night now and fall asleep very easily. They are 100% natural. a little pricey though. $35 for the becalm and $76 for the neu recover. Just in case you would be interested.  Also, Oregano Oil is a natural pain killer that is 100%natural. I dont know, hope i dont sound loopy, I am into natural healing and have been so frustrated with my sons drug addiction I have consumed myself with ways to help him. That is all.......
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Thanks and no you dont sound loopy my dad has been trying to help with all kinds of natural remedies and i appreciate any advice i can get thank you so much. I always worry about my son (I have 4 kids) but trying to fix me first
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Those are listed in the Thomas recipe.
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I did the Thomas recipe still on it still depressed
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