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smoking incense to prevent anxiety need help weaning

Hi im 18 years old and I have bad anxiety and insomnia problems ive quit cannabis for going on my 4th month but smoking the incense everyday is the only thing that aleviates my anxiety, helps me sleep at night and prevents me from smoking cannabis again I dont like "high" feeling it gives thats why I never go out into the public after smoking it I want to get rid of it so bad but I just dont know where to start? Any advice would be very much appreciated
-Thank you
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I'm not sure trading cannibis for K2 is really getting you anywhere, and may in fact be a step backward. Why not get professional help (and maybe legit medications) for your insomnia and anxiety? These are problems a lot of people have, and there are therapists who can help you manage these in a healthy way.
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I am really glad you found us here and want to change your life up.  Ben gave you good sound advice.  That K2 is very dangerous so the sooner you get off that the better.
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I was wondering what the poster was talking about..Daaaa I thought it was the stuff we burned to make our house smell good..lol
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Hey there,
I have a LOT of experience with weed........there are some people that weed for them makes them very anxious.  If this is true for you then it's a great idea to stop.....but......wtf is this "incense" crap?  I don't know why anyone would think that stopping an organic substance like pot to replace it with a synthetic concoction like..."incense, K2" whatever.....it's just not
a bright idea.

Stop it!  Get help for your anxiety, if you would like to know how to deal with anxiety without drugs, there is a plethora of info here or on the net or your doctor to help you along.  Lmk if I can help you with that.

Best of luck to you little girl, I mean that.
peace hope and hugs.
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Well really the only reason I havent gotten professional help is because I lack insurance coverage and I dont have much money to pay out of pocket because I work a minimum wage job at the moment I was thinking of looking for a natural medicine to help with my anxiety and insomnia or at least something that is a non-narcotic
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I really do understand about the money thing....I keep forgetting that a lot of people here are in the "states" and your health plans really do suc*!

I can't take anything narcotic either for my sleep and anxiety issues. So after years of researching how to do that, what works for me is expending my energy physically to make my body tired enough to relax.

Exercise is the most awesome anxiety reliever if you are physically able.
If you're not into that, you can just walk and walk and keep walking.

The other thing I use is my breathing techniques...a lot of people don't realize that when they are anxious, they are breathing lightly through their chest and not their diaphram, (your stomache area should be rising with each breath and not your chest) ....this can cause hyperventilation and can make your anxiety much worse.  Key is get comfortable if you can and just start by breathing very slowly and steadily through your nose until you can't take more air in and then hold for 3 seconds.  Then blow out all air through your mouth very slowly until you are empty. Continue this for as long as you want but after 5 times stop and notice how much calmer you are.  Great thing is that you can do this anywhere if needed and if you don't want people to know what you are doing, it's pretty descreet.

good luck and keep posting
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