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Anxiety Breathing Problems

i had panic attacks when i was younger but they only happen when i went to places and did not happen at home but they went away but now my anxiety has come back worse like i feel like i am not breathing properly and i am forcing my self to breath even tho i no that the body breathes by its self but i have shortness of breath all the time when i am awake but then my mum says my breathing is fine when i sleep also  my doctor still hasn't done a full medical on my and i think there is something wrong with my breathing and also i have asthma so i was unsure if i want to take Xanax if the doctor give me that and advice will help also i cant get to college i find it really hard to leave the house like i get an even worse shortness of breath
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I know that feeling I left my college classes due to my anxiety/ panic attacks luckily I passed though. I am afraid of going back to school soon because of my attacks. Ask your doctor first about your asthma and if any anxiety medication is right for you. You can ask to see a counselor for behavioral therapy it can help. Also I take natural pills for anxiety instead of the ones doctors prescribe me because the ones the doctor prescribes  makes my sick. As for the natural medication it helps me right away with no bad effects. It all depends on you everyone is different.    
Adding to the good advice here, you're holding your breathing tight. That you relax during sleep is an indicator that you can breathe normally, but it may take some time to train yourself to allow it to happen. It's like the term used in the film "Waiting to exhale." Some normal easy exercise [walking a half hour to 45 minutes a day] and breathing exercises will make it easier for you and maybe you can avoid the Xanax. If you must use it to keep a normal life, do it, but that medication can be addictive and you'll want a more natural remedy for long term effects. You're going to do just fine. Good luck.
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