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Anxiety and Palpitations

Hey everybody. I was wondering if I could get some help with something that's been bothering me for a while now. I'm 17 years old, average weight, not the most fit person in the world but I don't think I'm considered unfit. A few months ago I was diagnosed with anxiety. It wasn't something that came on gradually. It just hit me one day when I had a panic attack and after that I was a nervous wreck. The thing that scared me the most was how my heart would flutter around and skip beats so to say (PVCs I'm fairly certain). Since then I've been treated for it but my heart palpitations haven't really gone away. The only times I really get them is when I'm I get sexually aroused (sex especially), put physical strain on my body (exercise and that sort of thing), feel strong emotions (anger being the main one), and of course when I start thinking too much and feel slightly nervous. I was just wondering that since I have no other symptoms of anxiety disorders other then the heart palpitations should I be worried about them or are they just a stubborn symptom that won't go away?
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wow i had the same thing happen to me even when im sexually aroused. but that have past you have to push through it, i did and now sex dont bother me like that anymore, your lucky i would like that that was my only symptom. i have such a long list of symptoms that im trying to beat and i have been ok so for now on meds, you will get through this trust me
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Heart palps suck , they scare me too and the dizziness , if i am really bad i will try lie down
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Heart palpatations are brought on by stress, anxiety, foods like caffiene. If you ever had a EKG done and it was normal than the palpations are ok.
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I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder and have noticed that if I even slightly feel like I'm going to panic, my heart goes crazy.  The thought of what "might" happen to you during these palpitations often can bring on a panic attack.  I had an ECG (echocardiogram) and was told I was fine which helped ease my unwanted thoughts.  Find a doc that takes you seriously and doesn't just try to write you an anxiety prescription and be done with it.  A caring doc will allow you to have a ECG. Unfortunately for me, I suffer from panic disorder so I sometimes experience a panic attack when I feel palpitations but knowing that I am ok def. helps keep them under control.  Good luck with the palpitations and I hope they get better!!
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I have been having palpitations for over a year now started with indogestion, basically any time i would do increased physical activity i would always get groupings of them, also if i had a beer I would always get one if not more and sometimes after eating. The Cardioligst said they were nothing to worry about, but they were still bugging the heck out of me so i took a multi vitamin didnt help but about a two weeks ago i bought a box of emergen-C packets from the store and started taking them about five times a day 3 days into it i didnt get palpitations with eating anymore or with the occasional beer or and instead of groupings of them whwnever i exert myself i was getting one at most or half of one if that makes sense. Then by day 5 or 6 i could cut the grass and do my pushups 25 and situps 30 without getting them then i ran out of packets 2 days later, the palpitations had returned SoI went back to the store bought some more emergen-C and am back at it and once again the palpitations are gone. So Something in these packets I must be missing or doesnt stay in my body like it used to. The multi vitamin didnt help but it is in a different form I dont know if that has anything to do with it here is a list of what is in the packets thou VitC,THiamin,Ribuflavin,Niacin,VitB6,folic acid,Vitb12, Pantothenic acid,Calcium,Phosphorus,Magnesium,Zinc,Maganese Chromium,sodium,potassium,alphalipicacid,quercetin, So I hope this helps someone please let me know if it helps anybody else I would like to find out exactly which stuff im low on so i could just take a high dose of it sorry for how long this is Joe T 24yrs old in IN
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heY, i've reaD on some stUfFs anD according to iT. . .magnesium and potassium helps reduCe palpitatioNs. . .as i know potassium plays a biG role in maintaining the heart's normal function. . .
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hey guys, i really need some help here. this is how my story goes I've been really exhausted throughout the day doing errands and house hold chores and also drank about 4 cups of coffee within the day, i also experienced a little shortness of breath but i just ignored it and continue to what im doing. when i was taking a bath i am about to put soap on my chest when i suddenly saw my left chest going up and down on the place where my heart is, it's like seeing my heart beat though my entire left chest including the place under the xiphoid process. i palpated my left chest and felt a strong heartbeat.
what could it be
is it a palpitation?!
is it a start of a more serious heart problem
after taking a bath i rested and checked my pulse it is a bit elevated(80bpm) my normal resting pulse was from 60-70bpm it never go up to 80 until that day. What should i do. i got no time in seeking consultation. any comment would be a great help for me. thankyou!
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Hey, I'm 19 years old and have been going through almost the same thing as you though i don't think i've had any pvcs, only tachycardia. It started when i was in my hotel room, i had an anxiety attack while working out of town. However i didn't have a clue what anxiety was and though i was having a heart attack. I took myself to the hospital and my heart rate was 160 and blood pressure was 169/100. They did an EKG and blood tests and said everything was fine. However i was very worried and my heart rate would not go down it would stay around 120-160 bpm. I made an appointment with my family doctor and he put me on diuretic and ace inhibitor (to lower my blood pressure and for safe measure before results of echocardiogram) I went in a month later for an echocardiogram and everything was fine. It was all anxiety. Now i am off the blood pressure pills and only take citalopram (celexa) for anxiety. It has helped alot, my blood pressure is normal usually around 109/69 and heart rate is usually 60-72. It's hard to believe that it's all anxiety but i guess it is. I still have palpitations all the time and i'm always aware of my heartbeat, it's all subconcious i guess.
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