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Anxiety attacks..

Today is just another one of those days where I just feel so down in the dumps. I hate anxiety so bad. It is so hard to deal with.. I just worry, worry, worry over nothing really. I start freaking out and then I start googling my symptoms and of course it pops up the worst disease known to man. I wish I had one day where I just feel normal again. Noone understands. When you tell people you have anxiety/panic attacks they automatically think you are insane.. so I hold must of it in and just don't say anything.. :((( I hate it.. I've done this for 6 years now and it *****. I also have hypothyroidism and that doesn't help much either.. along with anxiety and taking thyroid medicine and metoprolol for a fast heart rate, I just feel like I have no energy at all.. Does anyone have any suggestions???? I've looked up everything online that you can imagine...
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Are you seeing an Endocrinologist for your hypothyroidism? You may need a med adjustment.
Yes, anxiety is awful. And I'm sorry to hear your friends and family are not being supportive.
Have you ever been to counseling? If not, I think it would really help.  
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I keep looking up on google aswell with my anziety but the fact is google won't help you tbh only you can see whts wrong you google comes up with **** on it I don't even know why I go on it go and see a doctor wht I'm doing planning to see a specialist which I think always help. So hope everythink turns out ok take care
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Another thing that might be making you tired is the beta blocker. Are you checking your blood pressure on a regular basis to see if that and your heart rate are not getting to low?
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I had anxiety problems last year during the end of my cocaine problem.

My friend who is a nurse suggested that I did the following when I felt one comming on:

1) sit in a dark room
2) breathe slowly
3) put on some relaxing music as this can move the focus of your mind onto the music and away form the panic

After 3 attempts I found this worked and it helped me to reduce the panic symptoms.

Give it a go as it may also work for you :)
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