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Could this be anxiety?

Last year it started out with a knot on the back of my head. I paid it no mind until it didn’t go away.. so I started to do research on the internet. First thing that popped up was lymph nodes swelling.. so I went to my doctor to have him look at it and he said he didn’t feel anything.. ok so a couple weeks went by I started to examine myself more and more.. so I felt a knot in my neck.. so I did more research online and the first thing that came up was parotid cancer and salvia cancer and I just started to freak out!!!! After that I started to get swelling in my neck and ears started to clog up.. so I went back to the doctor they did a cat scan and notice my left lymph nodes and parotid gland was a lil bigger on left side but said it’s nothinh to worry about.. he said that he couldn’t feel anything in my neck and if it got bigger to let him know he just think it’s allergies and anxiety.. so I took his word and relaxed for a few months and it went away .. not all the way away but 90% percent .. well recently it’s all started back up, and this time . I have a lil tiny knot behind my ear it’s very small but I can feel it.. ears clogged back up and my face have been going numb sometimes .. I’m so scared this is face cancer throat cancer or parotid gland cancer.. they ran blood work too and he said it looks fine.. could this be anxiety and has anyone else went through this ? Or does this sound like cancer?? I can’t keep going on like this.. I’m so scared and don’t know what to do anymore
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You mistook a minor difference in lymph nodes (possibly due to allergies per the doctor) to be cancer but the cat scan proved your neck is normal. It doesn't appear that you accepted this, and are still convinced your prior ideas must be correct since you have listed them all.
Now you think they are swelling again and without seeing your doctor, you again fear undiagnosed cancer. I suggest you see doc again as he said to do if it swells again, however his previous diagnosis is allergy so even if they really are swelled then likely that is the cause now.

There are 5,000 disease conditions that a human can have, so their isn't enough time in the day to be doing body checks for everything or much of anything for that matter. I never check my lymph nodes so if this turns out to be another false alarm I would suggest you find a way to stop worrying about a cancer that has not been diagnosed. If you can't stop worrying about cancer but there is nothing wrong this time when you see doc, a therapist might be useful.
My problem is I’m scared they might have missed something .. they didn’t run the car scan behind my ear I don’t think where the other tiny knot is..  the knot in my neck was a lil bigger so what does that mean? I just don’t understand why all this started out of nowhere .. i never had allergies like this in my life if it’s even allergies
Ok I’ will try and think positive
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Anxiety about getting cancer is fairly common.  Health anxiety causes people to look at everything on their body or feel every twinge within and think something serious is happening because of it.  In actuality, it is all likely normal.  You've been checked by a doctor.  They found nothing.  You can have a good thorough physical to be on the safe side mentioning your concerns.  If at that time, the doctor does not suspect any abnormalities,  you know that it is time to then begin discussing your anxiety.  As in anxiety would then be your issue to deal with like you would the symptom your bump you are worried about.  good luck
They ran my blood too and said it looks fine.. what’s the best way to check for cancer? I’m just scared they missed something .. I’m going in for a MRI soon.. if they do a neck mri will that check the head and throat and behind my ears?
Eyes starting to twitch
You haven't asked a question -- you're just repeating the same things over and over.  We've told you what to do, and Anxious has told it to you again below.  
I asked a question when I first started this thread.. yes he has commented on my thread but I was just trying to get more opinions I’m sorry if I offended anyone
Your situation is straightforward.
1. You are convinced that you have cancer but have no medical training or equipment to do a cancer diagnosis.
2. The doctors have cancer detection equipment and don't.think you have cancer.

Therefore you have a cancer phobia. The first step to peace is to stop Googling cancer cold turkey since you can never become a cancer doctor and the more you Google it the more fearful you will become. A good option to try to resolve phobia is therapy and perhaps your doctor will know someone who is good at this.  
Thank you so much. I will talk to my doctor about that.
Not trying to say you've done anything to offend anyone on here, certainly not me.  I just very much want you to get moving on this instead of spinning in circles the way you're doing.  If I didn't understand, I wouldn't be on here -- we've all been there in one form or another, avoiding and spinning our wheels.  I don't want you to do that, and you've gotten great advice here.
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Anybody ??
There are 5,000 disease conditions that a human can have, so their isn't enough time in the day to be doing body checks for everything or much of anything for that matter.
The first step to peace is stop Googling cold turkey. You don't have any medical training but ignore that fact and have fixated on the idea that you have detected  cancer that doctors can't find. If someone Googled cancer like you did then opened an office saying he could detect cancer, would you go to him or a real doctor?
Consider seeing a therapist for your cancer phobia because you have stated that you are Googling a lot which is guaranteed to provide the mental anguish that you have listed.
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