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Driving anxiety

Well, I had missed 3 appointment with my therapist and psychiatrist in the past 3 months due to anxiety and I think it has built into driving anxiety. I have one today. It is about an hour away from here and I am afraid I am going to get anxious while driving. Any words of relief on this matter?
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Hey, I just caught your post.  I'm probably too late for today but maybe I can offer some words for the next time.  I quit driving  a few years ago because my anxiety was so distracting.  I've recently realized how I let anxiety take so many things away from me. A great resource for me was The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook. So many things (like driving, flying) would have me worried way in advance. It helps to make a list a list of your specific worries...like becoming anxious when driving. If you become anxious, what will happen. If you are like me, I think of the worst, but realistically, its just symptoms you will feel. You can always pull over and do some deep breathing and correct your thoughts (realistic thinking).I"m having a bit of a relapse now, so I know how important it is to kep maintaining healthy practices for the mind... sometimes we all slip up a little.

Good luck!
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Thank you for your reply. I actually did pretty good going there. I found a gospel station (which I don't listen to normally and I am a "trying to be Christian" but not great) and it helped. I made it through my session. I made it about halfway home when the anxiety hit! I started having "passing-out" feelings at every curve and every time I passed another car. It finally subsided when I got about 5 miles from home.

So weird!
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Glad you went! Awesome!
Keep up the good work!
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Hi,  I have the same thing happen when I drive.  I started setting small goals.  I would say "if I make it this far, I will be ok."  I too find it helpful to pull off the road and try to relax.

Some anxiety could be that you are claustrophobic, or feeling you have nowhere to go that is "safe ". Winding the window down helps me, depending on how much traffic there is.  The fresh air definitely helps.

When I reach my destination, I trained myself to think "great job!  That wasn't bad at all!"

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