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Help me!

idk what to do anymore I can't get any sleep and neither can my husband from me kicking and screaming and talking in my sleep so much well it's not really sleep Bc I'm being woke up every second Bc of it and my legs and arms are SO sore everyday from kicking all night and now my blood pressure has been sky high for over a week now I'm only 25 and my blood pressure has been 154/99 and won't go down out of the 150s well yesterday it was 145/110 and today it's 150/98 but I went to the dr and he put me on a stupid anxiety med called hydroxyzine 50mg well nothing's Changed it's not helped one bit and you know how dangerous they say it is mixing benzos with methadone and I have to take methadone everyday due to pain/health problems.... They don't know what's making my blood pressure stay so high I was having to take antibiotics and steroids Bc of some poison oak I had on my hands BUT I had stopped taking the prednisone several days prior to this happening Bc it was making my heart hurt so I don't think it was that but the dr stopped those meds and switched me to a diff antibiotic and put me on that amenity medicine hydroxyzine and nothings changed..... Last nigh was one of my worst night with me continuously kicking and screaming my husband kept telling me "Savannah your kicking again wake up for a second" but it's like I am awake and like the things I'm "dreaming" are really happening Bc as soon as I shut my eyes back BAM I'm doing it AGAIN!! We've tried pinning my legs between his and try going to sleep that way but it just winds up hurting him Bc I kick him in certain places..... So we cat do that anymore idk but It's making bad Ill feelings go on with my husband and I and this is NOT something I can control or stop or trust me I would :'( idk what to do anymore I have to go back to the dr today at 10:30am so hopefully he will be able to help this time idk the dr thinks I'm having really bad anxiety and thinks that's what's making my blood pressure go up but I just don't know.... Had anyone every experienced this and or know of an anxiety medicine that will be safe to take with methadone?? Please let me know of anything I can do or try... Thank you and God Bless!  
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Hey there. Sorry to hear you are going through this. Have you talked to your doctor about your sleeping problems? What is your history with anxiety? Some doctors are quick to prescribe meds and not try therapy first. I believe therapy should always be the first option and if that doesn't work meds could then be an option.
You could try melatonin for sleep. I actually just posted about it on another thread. You can buy it from Fred Meyer. Costco. Safeway. Wal mart. Etc. it's relatively cheap and it is effective. I sometimes take up to 3 to help me sleep. I believe it is safe to take with methadone but I would of course read the label. I suggest giving melatonin a try. If you do let me know how it goes.
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Well several years ago when I had Medicaid I was on Xnax for about five years but I lost my Medicaid due to my husbands job.... I've always had bad anxiety but never ever have I had high blood pressure and that's what scared me my head felt like I had been standing upside down on my head and all the blood rushed to my head and it felt like that for a week and a half!! Along with my arms feeling like they were being broke in half and my chest too, thank God that ha stopped the day I took the Zoloft so it was my anxiety making my BP go up... About the legs hurting bad due to me Kicking non stop ALL night and me screaming and talking in my sleep and the terrible evil dreams, my dr is looking into it  he put me on Zoloft and gabapentin which is for leg pain or nerve pain he wants me to take one at night every night but I haven't yet Bc I'm on a high dose of methadone and the dr won't be at my clinic til next Monday or Wednesday so I jut started the Zoloft and my blood pressure has went down and the chest pain and the way my head was feeling like it was gonna burst has stopped ad te past two nights it haven't kicked almost atall BUT the bad dreams or nightmares whatever you call it is still really bad all night but the pain that's gone and the kicking not as bad is a huge relief for me and my husband ✌️Fingers crossed that it stays this way I also still toss and turn all night as well still but it's only been two days idk....
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Well I just got back from a diff drs app and my blood pressure is still high 144/98 so idk what to think I thought it was from the anxiety but ......
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My doctor prescribed me Clonidine to help with the anxiety of withdrawal.  It's a blood pressure medication.  I don't take it to often because it dropped my bp to 90/70.  Maybe you should mention this medication to your doctor and see what he thinks.
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