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I have anxiety still

I have anxiety still. I get upset easily and I feel Alone sometimes.  I'm always over analyzing the way I look, I don't like the way I look sometimes, I feel like people don't like me, and the way I look.  I never was secure with my face for a long time and I have a bad leg so I'm insecure about that.  I just feel like people used to pick me up but it seems alot of times they're not on my side. What to do?
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I am very sorry to hear that.  Anxiety can be chronic. We can have times that it is better or worse. Everyone has it to some extent but it becomes a disorder when it interferes with life. Anxiety about self is not uncommon.  I know ruminating on something a good deal makes us feel terribly self conscious. We can even begin to have distorted thinking with lies being told to us by our anxiety. Have you ever done any CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy?  Do you have physical symptoms of anxiety too or does this make you not want to interact with others?
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"I have anxiety still." Do you have other threads on this anxiety forum? It would help if you listed what else you've posted about and the advice given, since you have 197 posts and no one knows your complete story and what was told to you before.
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