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I want to start enjoying my self again!- DRUGS

Okay here goes... I have smoked marujuana from 14 to 16, I then started recreationally taking ecstacy and amphetamines from 16 to 18.. I use to take quite alot of these, I began to get anxiety when I was 15 because of deatsh in my family, I have now for the last two years suffered extremely badly with anxiety, I cant drink do drugs or even  have caffiene or ANYTHING .. now I know drugs are looked upon ads wrong, and i dont want to be silly about them liek before, but i would like to occasionally indulge in a little alcohol, take a trip have a bomb of base or a pill WITHOUT feeling so much anxiety i end up in hospital (which has happened many times) how can I do this? has any one else got this problem? how can i once again become the wild care free party animal i use to be? and why has this happend????????????????// please help, and no ******** propa ganda about drugs please im know the ins and outs--
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Sorry, but you have created your own problems and it's really sad that you can't figure out why for yourself.
This is a serious forum for people in search of help, support and advice for issues they have no control over, and which, in many cases, are destroying their lives.
If you think any of us here are going to help you continue to be a "wild care free party animal," you've come to the wrong place.
And not to worry, I won't waste my time on any ********* propaganda about drugs.

I do hope you get out before you get too far in.
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A lot of these recreational drugs will cause anxiety if abused or used irresponsibly. Prescription drugs do the same thing if abused, especially benzos. They will cause your brain to be  imbalanced if used too often and can lead to all kinds of  problems like chronic anxiety and depression.
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