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I'm stopping my meds, nothing helps me, I give up

I've been friggen taken sertraline 200mg for 2 months and both my doctor and psychiatrist tell me to keep taking it despite any help. My biggest symptoms are trouble concentrating and insomnia. So why am I taking sertraline when its side effect is insomnia??

Also i'm taking 200mg Seroquel that has a side effect of confusion, that's what I want to avoid. And clonazepem 3 times a day hasn't done anything either, but as directed I keep taking this crap when side affects are confusion and insomnia.

haven't slept for years, it really makes me want to kill myself sometimes so I can rest in peace. At least in death there's no suffering. I'm sitting here crying and I don't know why. I'm just bringing all of you own with me, not helpful. Oh ya on top of it all, my doc (since my psych is on vacay) prescribe zopiclone to help me sleep. ALL These meds, and still difficulty concentrating and sleeping.

Anyway, I stopped the Seroquel and zopiclone, bought st.john's wart and Nytol herbal for sleep. Just wanted to know if anyone has had success with Nydhol for sleep?

Also, I wanted to be tested for Add which  i believe I have, so my doctor gave me a questionnaire. he said, even though you answered yes to most of these, I don't believe you have Add. ?? And he goes "has your psych used the term borderline with you", I said ummm noooo why? And he's like never mind then. What the heck does he mean by that, if he thinks I have something, say it!

All this and the gov't denies me disability. I hate everything and everyone at this point.
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I'm sorry you're so disgusted, it's understandable.

My advice to you is get a second opinion from another psychiatrist.  It seems like not only is your doc not listening to your concerns and trying to make any changes that would help, but it sounds like you may be misdiagnosed as well.

Treatment for ADD versus an anxiety disorder will vary greatly.  If you DO have ADD, treating you for anxiety could actually be making all of your symptoms worse.

Please seek out an assessment from another doctor and explain to him/her what you've been through and what you've tried thus far.

Best of luck to you...I hope you get some answers and some relief soon.  Update us when you can!
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Couldn't agree more with nursegirl....you need another psychiatrist.  Don't give up on medication, it's just a matter of finding a good psychiatrist who knows how to best treat you.  I know it's frustrating, but do get a second opinion I don't think your current doctor is helping you at all.  Take care..
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Hi Amber...first please do not do anything to hurt yourself.  Chronic insomnia affects every aspect of your life.  I went through 3 months without sleeping because I was pregnant and I couldn't take medication for my OCD/anxiety during the critical time when the baby was forming.  At the end of those three months I felt like you do.  I actually let go of the steering wheel with an "I don't care" in my head.  But you know what, I grabbed that steering wheel back real quick and made the phone call that changed everything.  The Psychologist I had had given me her home phone number that is how much she cared.  I had to make the choice to go on medication while pregnant even though there wasn't any literature out there at the time to support it or not.  

I agree with what the others have wrote.  You are being mistreated by people who seem not to be very good at their job.  Now is the time for you to make the most important choice, You definitely need to go to someone else who will listen.  If you feel to the point that you are at the end of your rope, then go the ER please...Remember, everone on this forum is here for you anytime.  XOXOXOXO infinity!
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The term Borderline refers to Borderline Personality Disorder, and it sounds like you may have some of the traits of it. I am saying this from experience has i have a lot of the traits of it but not the full blown disorder. Ask your doctor about it, there is lots of help out there :)
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Trouble concentrating and insomnia would not readily bring anxiety to mind.  Many things cause insomnia.  Just treating the insomnia successfully may cure the inability to concentrate.  Lack of sleep causes all kinds of problems.  Without relieving the insomnia it may be impossible to diagnose you.  I would start there.
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I have trouble sleeping too, because of my celexa. It makes some people drowsy, but not me! I'm up 4 sometimes. Melatonin helps a little, also I take 1 mg ativan on nights when I really can't sleep. Insomnia will drive you nuts if you let it. You need a new psych for sure, one who cares about your problems and doesnt just pile on the meds. hang in there.
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