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Is this an anti choice site. I notice none has had abortion. for any anxiety disorders

I've been read  this site and it seems as though everyone is religious. I am not. do i fit in here.  I had an abortion in my youth.  I had extreme panic ocd and depression and was taking valium.  i made some tough choices. this website has made me feel alone.
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I'm sorry to hear this site has made you feel alone.
Well, I'm not religious and I think you will find here that many are not.
I haven't personally experienced any provoked abortion,  but have had people close to me that made that choice in their youth. It's certainly a very tough decision whatever the reason.  
Are you experiencing  anxiety now related to that choice you made in your youth?
What do you feel you need from this site(us) to be able to talk freely about what troubles you?

Best regards,
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When you say religious, I think you mean Christian.  No, not all of us are Christian, but some who are are very vocal about it.  To not be Christian doesn't mean a person isn't religious, and to be pro-choice doesn't mean a person isn't Christian, just not a particular sort of Christian.  And that sort of Christian has just as much right to be on here and expressing their opinion as those of us who are not that type of Christian or Christian at all or religious at all.  We're a diverse group.  There are a lot of very right wing people on certain forums, and a lot of liberals and sometimes we even argue -- vociferously.  But it all turns out okay when we discuss our medical problems.  Now, as nora says, is it the abortion you really want to talk about?  Not politically or religiously, but as a source of anxiety?  Here's the thing -- events don't make us anxious, we make ourselves anxious.  How we respond to events can teach us much, and we need to pay attention, but anxiety is worthless, and we're all trying to overcome it.  But that doesn't mean we won't feel deeply about what we do and try to learn from it.  Ask what you really want to discuss, and you'll get a lot of responses, maybe some that are very religious, but it's always up to you to process them and make your own decisions.  That's life.  Peace.
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I think you will find that not everyone on this site is a devout Christian. People do not come on her to speak of their religions affiliations, but rather to speak freely and openly about their medical problems to get advice and information on how to deal with their symptoms. I'm sorry this site has made you feel that way, but if it did why bother posting anything and not just leaving the site quietly? I'm not trying to be rude, just a question. Anyway, the people on this site are here to help. I would be willing to help you with whatever you need or want to discuss, especially since I'm an anxiety sufferer and I know how horrible it feels. I myself am not Christian per say, but I do believe in God and Jesus. I also very much believe in pro-choice. You can say I'm my own person, and I don't feel the need to follow a specific guideline, just whatever I think makes sense to me. But my main point is, we're all here for support, so if you need it there are many out here to help with that. If you just come right out and ask what you need to ask, I'm sure you'll get many responses from people trying to offer their support. I hope this helped.

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Far from religious here. Only time you get me in a church is funerals and the likes. It is a mixed site. People have their own views. Why should we discuss religion on an anxiety forum? It is not an issue. Each to their own. Or abortions for that matter. Not got to do with anxiety at all. So we have no need to even bring up the subject. Unless we want people to know what we are into to gain their full attention. You can write all that stuff in your profile. If people want to read it, so be it. If they don't they won't.
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This forum is NOT based on any religious creed whatsoever. But as in any situation where you have a huge cross-section of people, you will find a huge mix of views and opinions. You seem to have stumbled across ONLY those posts written by folks who are vocal about their religions and base their replies on religious beliefs. I have seen quite a few posts that invoke religion as a means to end someones suffering, to find true happiness, to gain peace, etc, but as with ANY opinion, we are free to chose to accept or ignore it. If you were searching out posts about abortion, were you really surprised that the pro-life folks waded in? I can see where that could easily give you the impression this forum was not the place for you. I can promise you that this forum is open minded, non-religious and non-judgemental. I can't promise you that about the people who may reply to your posts! Especially with a topic as controversial as abortion.
I believe if you posted your fears, your feelings, your concerns, you would receive a very mixed bag of replies...........you just have to know that as in the "real" world, you are going to have a certain group of people who will blame all your troubles on what you did in your youth.
The folks who post here with anxiety from smoking pot, or having had pre-marital sex or sex with a prostitute...........there are always going to be those who do nothing but point their finger. The solution to that is simply take what you can use and leave the rest.
You ARE in the right place, you are very welcome here and I can only hope that we will be able to offer you the comfort and support you're seeking.
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My question or concern,  is That I do not have quilt or feel I made a mistake.   I felt and feel perfectly moral about my decision, however 16 years after the procedure,  I passed a gigantic billboard put up by a right to life org.  It had an 8 mth fetus on it,   with the words CHOICE OR CHILD because my ocd focus was about harming, especially fears of harming children., I was thrown,  and devloped an obsession that I did this and it wasn't just a thought,  therefore I am bad and I murdered my own child.
          I Michelle Do not feel this way,  It is my ocd brain,    I have had much therapy about it,  nothing helped until I met a woman with the same obsession.I do have resentment concerning the born again christians, who spew hate at me,  for somthing they know nothing about, and they , because of my disorder,  Have caused me much unnessecary suffering.  I would never try to take someone's faith from them.    sincerely chelley_1
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