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Klonopin Frustrations.

So, I have posted several times regarding my use of Klonopin (1.5 mgs/day, .5 mgs/3x per day) and have been on it about 6 months, I am looking to wean off of the medication and I have a good tapering scheule; my doc and other people in the MI community have said that I won't suffer too badly.

However, I have heard SOO many horror stories about getting off of the drug, but the details are always fuzzy. I have emailed many people on various forums, looking for help, but none of them will tell me how much they were on or how long they were on it.. They also never tell me how they tapered off. It gets very frustrating. My younger brother was on 2mgs of the medication for 5 years and had no problems coming off of it; he did it slowly and everything worked out well...

So, I am really starting to wonder if those horror stories are either ficticious or posted by individuals that were on very high dose and tried to come down to quick, or those that were just flat out abusing the medication.. I can just never come up with a clear answer, from most people.

My psychiatrist doesn't anticipate too many problems, mainly because the patients that she sees who have benzo issues are on high doses or have abused them in the past...

So, I guess I am really looking for some clear answers here with respect to tapering off of the Klonopin. I really haven't been getting them for the most part.

And, I have asked many questions with respect to using Neurontin to wean off of the benzos, and again, I get no response..
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Well I really can't tell you exactly how to come off of the klonipin. I was on klonipin 0.5mgs for about 6 years. Then the anti depressant that I was taking helped me wean down to a half of a tab, and now I am down to o1/4th of a tab. I can't seem to come comletly off of them yet. Being that you have only been taking them for 6th months I think a taper plan will work great for you. Just keep going till your taking nothing. I hope I helped..Good Luck

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Thanks for the reply; I am not to stressed about getting off of it. I increased my dosage of Neurontin this last week; I forgot how well it works for me. We're not going to start tapering off of the Klonopin for another month, mainly because I am in the process of quitting chewing. But, the Neurontin will really help me wean off of the Klonopin; the 400mg increase in dosage (400mgs of Neurontin isn't much) has been working wonders.
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i started taking klonopin about 6 yrs ago after seeing a shrink for an anxiety spell that came out of nowhere. i took 1/2 to 2 pills 2x a day as needed of a .5mg dose till i came out of it. i basically just stopped taking it and never experienced any problems. i still take it occasionally as needed. i have never had a problem, and my doctor says its ok to take it as needed. good luck
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I'm not all that concerned about getting off of it; I just need to taper down slowly.. But, I have to figure something out with the Neurontin... It's started to become hit or miss for me again.. Sometimes the dose works well for my anxiety, other times it raises my anxiety level.. I have been on an increased dose (1600mgs a day) for a little while now and having issues with it.. the first three, 400mg doses chilled me out really well last night.. But the last dose before bed time caused me some serious anxiety. I have ativan and Xanax XR in the cabinet for 'as needed meds"; I rarely take them. So, I popped an extra Neurontin, stumbled around the house in a daze for an hour and passed out. It *****.
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My taper schedule was lowering it by .25mg per week until I got from 5mg/day to 2mg/day which will be my new therapeutic dose.
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