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My brains has these fast motion periods where everything around me is going in fast motion what is it?

I'm 14 years old and I have these periods where my brain starts to race and it feels like everything is going in fast motion. When I talk, somebody is talking, music is playing or when I walk it feels like everything is going in fast motion like everything is being extremely rushed.It happens at least once every 2 weeks but i've had it twice this week . This only happened to me about 2 times in the past year but also I get these patterns of noises in my head when I'm lying in bed and it keeps me from sleeping.I just wanted to know what it was because I honestly am scared and my mother laughs at me when i try to tell her that something is wrong and it frustrates me
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Derealalization is the word. Like the world is going at 1,000 mph and you are going at only 1 mph. Been there and done that. Can be daunting at times. But there is no cure, as such, for it. It just vanishes in time. I think the more I got used to my condition the less it happened. Can't say much about the noises in your head. Unless you are hearing your pulse / heart. Can happen when lying down. Bumping noises. May be way off the mark. Only you know the answer to that one.
a symptom of depression.
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Make sure that you are not having a lot of caffeine.  My brain gets "funky" when I used to have too much.  I know you are only 14...most likely don't drink coffee..(?) but try to drink caffeine free pop and don't do the "energy drinks".  Good Luck
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I know this post is from a few years ago, but im REALLY hoping you will respond to this. you are the only other person I know who has accurately described that horrible "rushed" feeling that ive experienced. I wanted to cry when I read this post because I seriously couldnt find ANYTHING online about what I was going through and thought I was going crazy. Do you still have those experiences, and have you found a way to alleviate the symptoms?
I have the same symptoms and right now I get them every morning.  I think it has something to do with your stress level cause I've had major testing for the past two weeks.  They started when my parents got divorced.
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I have exactly the same symptoms. Im 27 years old and ive had them since I was 3. They get worse and longer every time! Ive tried to explain this to other people before, but nobody seems to understand.
I think one just has to live with it. It only happens when you are still and not doing much or under alot of stress...
I would be glad to comment on it when ever you like.
i get them all the time to. I have just recently had one 3 hours ago. I had to go somewhere quiet and just laid on the floor and closed my eyes. focusing on my own breathing scares me, so i usually put in headphones and listen to my favorite song, Somewhere only we know. I hope this helps anyone. it is a great song and I really recommend it to anyone who has the same problem. It has a very calm beat to it.
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I had the same thing in my youth. I'm 29 now and can't remember the last time this happened to me. I guess they just went away for me. Good to see that I wasn't the only one!
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I am 26 and I had these feelings a lot when I was a child. I tried to describe it to other people but they never understood. I got the same thing that I can only describe as fast-motion, where everything seems to be moving quicker and louder than I can process. The sounds are the worst because if you lie still and close your eyes, you can get rid of the fast motion. Trying to make silence is more difficult.
The reason I was searching for this was because these feeling have just started again over the last few weeks. They don't last long but it's so disorientating.
The other feeling I had was an heightened sense of touch where I imagined the feelings of rough and bumpy and it felt like my tongue was too big for my mouth.
I also got the voices in my head when I was a child at the same time, I don't get that anymore. They never made sense, they were just voices.
It's a shame there's no proper description of it.
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Hi Im 37 I got on the internet to try & find out whats been going on with me! I sleep with the TV on & I wake up & its like the TV is on fast forward & the people are moving really fast...I have never told anyone this not even my husband of 21 years Its just been going on like 6 months & it happens about every week or so....
This exactly happened to me last night it's the first time its ever happened to me I was so scared. Have you found out what it might be?
I had the issue too, but I too went to get adjusted and come to find out my C-1 ceric was out of adjustment. That is what you felt when you pressed under your ear. C-1 and C-2 could be out of wake. Also, I started to take Omaga 3. The strange part in this, I got really bad anxiety attacks along with this. I tell you this, our body tells us whats going on and sometimes, medical doctors cannot address the situation. It takes chyro-treatments or acupuncture. Hope that helps.
I had the issue too, but I too went to get adjusted and come to find out my C-1 ceric was out of adjustment. That is what you felt when you pressed under your ear. C-1 and C-2 could be out of wake. Also, I started to take Omaga 3. The strange part in this, I got really bad anxiety attacks along with this. I tell you this, our body tells us whats going on and sometimes, medical doctors cannot address the situation. It takes chyro-treatments or acupuncture. Hope that helps.
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It is scary indeed! I had it all of a sudden now while preparing some ingredients for dinner. And I try to do it in slow motion but somehow it's just looks fast to me. I tested my pulse rate it's normal within the range of 70-80.

My brain is seemingly confused ! I feel like It's not my brain at all connecting to my body. It's very scary to have this weird symptoms.

Never has it since the past few yrs. My first encounter was when I was sick down with a fever and I could see d fan is moving just on top of my head almost slashing me like those 3D's movies.

Then many yrs later I had been experiencing it however it's only once or twice in a year, I couldn't remember as they r not often. And again now after so long of not experiencing it.

However, I had my chiropractic adjustment done last 4 days and I was sneezing badly the very next day and my under jaw, forehead, eyes, back of my head hurts. It's like I have hurt my whole head with those sneezes. My ears are aching too. When I press onto the sides of my ears where the jaw bones are located, it hurts. And I could feel a few branches of nerves along these areas down to my neck, from the  back of the ears. And that also hurts. Did I hurt my nervous systems ? And causing my brain to receive wrong signals from my nerves?

So far never experience it before after all my chiro treatments for 3 months. I have had imbalances, dizziness, blurry vision, where the specialists couldn't help with giving me a correct diagnosis instead I felt improvements through chiropractic adjustments. Which I suppose it's related to the nervous system whereby my upper cervical spine has some subluxation on my c2. Where it's already rotated from the x ray.

Also I have a mild scoliosis seen from x ray too. With history of cervical spondylosis from c4-c6 level. Also remarks from x ray shows early lumbar spondylosis and a mildly rotated pelvic bone .

I'm only 28 this year which my chiropractor says it's not common though for a young person like me to have all these issues.
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I also had the same thing. The feeling that everything is going at high speed. I would get it when i would be standing still or sitting down . It would hit me suddenly. Where i felt it the most was when i would be walking. It felt like i was running instead of walking. It would only last for about 10-30 minutes at a time. Its been a long time since i had another episode. I used to get it as a child (around 8-10 years old). Im 38 now and i havent got it since. Its strange that there isnt any information on this, or a name for it.
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People have always told me that these were panic attacks, but my symptoms don't add up to those of a panic attack. For me it is pretty sudden, but i can feel them coming on right before hand. Everything starts moving in fast motion and even my thoughts are loud and sudden; almost as if in a scary movie or something. I know this is strange, but the thing that it reminds me most of is in the movie "Sixth Sense", when the boy see's the ghost of the woman in the kitchen who's wrists are cut and she yells "look at me! look what you've done!" Really weird, but the way she yells is kinda how the words in my mind sound. Also, when i look around, i feel like I'm moving in a panic-like motion, but I'm not panicking necessarily at all. I thought looking in the mirror to see that I'm fine would help, but when i do so even the moment of my eyes and look on my face feels weird. It is so hard to describe; nearly impossible. But you guys are describing it pretty well. There's like an element missing though that is indescribable; i wish i could have a doctor or my dad feel what I am feeling so they can understand. The first time i recall having this i was a child and had a fever and was delusional, so the attack was exemplified. I'm 22 now, and i hadn't had one in quite some time, like a matter of a few years, but recently since under a lot of stress and thinking a lot to myself, I've been having them often again. Mine only seem to last about 15minutes. Does anybody relate to what i'm saying? Or do i sound like a nut? When i try to describe it to someone in person I definitely feel like i look/sound like a nut. lol
I've had similar experiences, and attributed to my seizure disorder. It's no fun having your senses all discombobulated.    
This is litterally the exact  same  experience  I've been having except I'm 14 and I'm still worried about it ahah.. I remember when I was little having a really high fever and it being really  intense  but I was like 6-7 and I couldn't explain it to my mom but you litterally explained it perfectly. Thank you.
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i have the same thing and i have found a way to get rid of it. go in a complete quite bathroom where there is no sound at all, get close to the mirror, and stare into your own eyes, be totally still, and count backwards from 10 very very slow, with slow deep inhale and exhale. it works for me 90% of the time, hope it helps, also, im 21 and have had this experience sense i was 6, and have trained my self to get rid of it this way.
Thanks so much for this I'll follow it :)
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We have a 7 year old who has recently said that she is experiencing times when she's moving slowly but her brain is moving really quickly, she is also experiencing the opposite when for no reason everything moves in slow motion.  Could this be stress?  I know she's only 7 but it happens.
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