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Pscycogenic speech difficulties due to anxiety and or stress

OR any other voice disorders either due to to anxiety or a med? Could you tell me if any of these has happened to you?
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Hey there, I have never heard of voice disorders. Can you explain to me exactly what happens to you. I do have some changes in my voice like sometimes I feel like I'm losing it. I just thought that was because I was tired.
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My voice changed on the 3rd day of taking a med.  It is harsh, hoarse, strain to talk if I talk too much. People say I sound like I had a stroke. When it first started it was on and off. As time went by it was worse more times than better. I have already been in speech therapy. Going to see a new voice dr tomorrow and the Neurologist next week. This all started 14 months ago. I also got severe tremors of the face and neck at the same time but that went away.
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I meant to mention that a person can also have a voice problem from  stress/anxiety.
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