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Return of anxiety

For about 6 weeks I had anxiety/ depression.  I went on Celexa and was able to completely wean off of Klonopin.  I felt great for about 3 weeks and actually was really really happy.  (It was my 4th week on Celexa).  

Well last week a creepy neighbor who was frustrated with a girl in our building (she wouldn't return his calls) emailed her and pretended to be someone else.  He said some gossipy things about another girl in our building and about me.  He said things like we didn't like her and that we were arrogant...stupid petty stuff.   What creeped me out was that he did this because she wouldn't return her calls.  Anyway the same day my sisters house was broken into and it really freaked her out.  Anyway it has been about 5 days since both incidents happened and I haven't had much of an appetite since.   I'm sleeping ok now and I'm happy, just have anxiety and no appetite.       The creepy neighbor is being nice now, we think he may have been drunk when he did what he did.  Anyway why can't I shake this.  

Do you think once I process everything the anxiety will go away?  It's making me mad.  Also I have to see the meanies car so that reminds me everyday of his stunt.
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I guess I should clarify my question.  I thought I had gotten away from the anxiety and depression last month when I started to feel like my old self and felt normal again.  Then I had some stressful external events occur last week (weird neighbor and sister getitng broken into on the same day) and now my anxiety is back.  

From everyone elses experience do you think I will start feeling better again?  I'm taking my celexa every day and now I'm taking vistaril again at night.  My main symptom of anxiety is no appetite.  
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You sound just like me. I'm 25 male. and my main symptom of anxiety right now is a nervous stomach (constant knots of worry-like) and loss of appetite..

my nervous stomach is also causing some abdominal issues, like bloating... and sharp gas pains... it *****!

But, you and I WILL BE back to our good ol' selves once again with time! Remember, you came out of your last spell... why won't you come out of this one?

I also struggle EVERY TIME when I go through an anxiety spell with the question, "Will I ever feel better again? Or is this it forever?"

But I've been through enough spells to KNOW that I will pop out of it one day. Some spells just last longer than others... and some spells don't last long at all.

I know it's hard to even remember what it feels like to feel your "normal" self when you feel like this... but it will soon return. PROMISE.

I'll keep you posted on my "recovery" as I would love for you as well. =)

Good luck to you. Stay on your Celexa.
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Thank you Cnote...I will keep you posted.  And you keep me posted!  I was looking for words of encouragement and you gave them to me ;o)
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I have noticed that my anxiety is the worst in the mornings.  I'm sleeping fine because I'm taking vistaril but I'm not able to get to sleep until 1 or so then I wake a few times and calm myself back to sleep.  But once I get out of bed and start my morning routine my stomach churns and my arms feel tingly.  This has been going on for most of the summer (after boyfriend broke up with me, Grandma died, and partner at work left).  Then I got better for about 2 weeks.  I mean like felt completely normal.  Then weirdo neighbor and sister getting broken into threw me right back to anxiety and stomach problems.  

Maybe I should get back on the Klonopin at night temporarily.  I'll have to talk with the doc soon.  I'm going to give it another week and see how I do.  Until then I'll have to take it easy.  
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