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The caffeine/anxiety connection

I wonder if anyone else notices this: everytime I drink coke or coffee I tend to get that heaviness in the chest feeling and sometimes shortness of breath. Is there a connection between caffeine and anxiety? Im now drinking decaf coffee and trying to leave the cokes alone because of my symptoms. I think thats why Im awake at the moment.
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Hi,i used to get this chest heaviness too,as a result done a lot of ecgs,and bloodworks,all cardiac test too which came back normal.I was told to avoid any caffeine drinks or coke in order to avoid more palpitations too.I think chest heaviness and shortness of breathe can be from anxiety provided you have a full cardiac workup which are all normal.Anxiety are strange things,i used to have this chest heaviness a lot but when i started feeling dizzy,lightheaded i noticed my chest heaviness feelings are gone,as i just keep focusing on the dizzy feeling.
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This is great!  I have just stopped drinking coffee and sodas after a lifetime of being a real coffee lover.  My doctor asked me to discontinue caffeine when my bp was really high.  After a week I was ok, and have decided herbal teas are a better drink for me.  Have heard that coffee can mimic a panic attack, but never paid attention, as I seemed to be fine. I am a night owl, but guess caffeine can keep us up at night as well.........good luck.
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OMG!!! this is soo true!! I actually avoided drinking coffee 4 10 years because i always paniced when i had one so i thought by not drinking it i was controlling them!!! but it really was keeping the panic cycle alive!!!
So in short ..yes caffine does have a link to anxiety,especially if u r prone to anxiety caffine can be a trigger..
so u are not alone!!! just check u have no other issues with ur doc tho..Cheers
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Caffeine is a stimulant and will make anxiety worse.  There are caffeine free coffees and sodas if you can't give those up.  Some people are very sensitive to caffeine and it should be totally avoided.

Sillygirl....also watch your salt intake with your BP as it can make it rise as well.
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Some interesting stuff about caffeine worth checking out:


There are four caffeine-induced psychiatric disorders recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition: caffeine intoxication, caffeine-induced anxiety disorder, caffeine-induced sleep disorder, and caffeine-related disorder not otherwise specified (NOS).

In some individuals, large amounts of caffeine can induce anxiety severe enough to necessitate clinical attention. This caffeine-induced anxiety disorder can take many forms, from generalized anxiety to panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, or even phobic symptoms.[92] Because this condition can mimic organic mental disorders, such as panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, or even schizophrenia, a number of medical professionals believe caffeine-intoxicated people are routinely misdiagnosed and unnecessarily medicated when the treatment for caffeine-induced psychosis would simply be to stop further caffeine intake.[100] A study in the British Journal of Addiction concluded that caffeinism, although infrequently diagnosed, may afflict as many as one person in ten of the population.[88] Co-administration of theanine was shown to greatly reduce this caffeine-induced anxiety.[101]
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I love coke and to have a cup of coffee from time to time.  Though if I drink either too much it seems to build up after a few days and then I start getting muscle twitches and if I keep going then I start to get mild anxiety (three or four days).  I also tride to just drink decaf instead, though there is enough caffeine in decaf for me to get the same results, it just takes a few days longer.
With the exception of a coke now and then (Just can't seem to kick it), I am only drinking green tea, and the very seldom cup of decaf.
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