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Zoloft and Thoughts

Everyday when I wake up I am in a state of panic, my thoughts start to spin out of control.  I re-think things I know have happened and my mind plays all these what if's and start to imagine things I know didn't happen.  This causes me more panic.  I can't control it, I have tried so I went to the Dr.  I was put on Zoloft 50mg once daily.  I take a 50mg Zoloft when I wake up in the morning.  My mind races and I get anxiety until around lunch, then I feel better until I go to sleep.  I have been on Zoloft for under two weeks.  Is this common as your dose wears off your mornings are bad?  After you take Zoloft does it take a couple of hours to work?

I felt great the first few days, then it leveled off, now the mornings are hell, until the pill kicks in. My only side effects are Dry Mouth and a loss of appetite.

with this anxiety which I think is GAD or something is it normal to have these racing thoughts that are irrational sometimes even though I know what is?

I was having sever panic attacks during the day, and I would also get them at night sometimes.  I will wake up in sweat, with panic and have to get out of bed cause I feel I am loosing control.

I have Ativan to take if I get into a panic attack that is gonna be bad.

I just feel like, i dunno, I just feel like my mornings are so horrible. And that I am loosing control.  I have a Drs appointment this week to talk with a psychologist.

anyone with thoughts I would be thankful
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I don't think you've been on Zoloft long enough to know how it's going to work yet -- in the beginning, anti-depressants can cause more anxiety, sedation, you name it, before the actual effects fully set in.  They say it usually takes about four to six weeks for an ssri to fully kick in.
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Thank you very much for your comments, I really appreciate it.  I am praying daily this anxiety passes and my thoughts will will settle down with time.  Is it common for people like us (anxiety suffers), that when I am having anxiety I rethink things, playing the "what if's" and second guess things that happened?  Thanks
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absolutely, I have many of those same issues, mornings are my worst time although it can continue thru the day. I too take zoloft but take it at night as it makes me sleepy. I am doing meditation and exercise in the mornings and that seems to be helping. I always suggest Eckhart Tolle books or he has stuff on u-tube. The intrusive thoughts and the what ifs really can screw up your day. Seems to come with the territory but I am hopeful to retrain the brain!!!
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