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anxiety or more?

Hi, ive had anxiety attacks sense freshman year at highschool and have been prescribed things like xanax and ativan* for the past 4 years none though that fully work(also lexapro, and many other anti-depressants that also never worked). lately ive been getting extremely light headed and exausted, to the point where i grab the nearest thing to sit on so i dont pass out and fall down and once it lightens a bit i craw to my bed. When that happens i start panicing and sweating out of every pore. theres been nothing i could do besides lay down in bed and suffer until it stops or until i fall asleep. If i do manage to pull out of it before i fall asleep i feel like ive worked three 8 hour shifts in a factory. ive never had this before and im not completely sure if its my anxiety but i dont know where else to post it. im new to the site.
any clues?
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Ive had Panic attacks all my life, but since 3 months ago i now live with Full Blown Anxiety. I always feel really light headed like im going to faint, happens out in public too which is really scary, but i have never actually fainted, its just a syptom of my anxiety. I have new ones that pop up all the time, my latest is the tingling senseation. Xanax helps me go to sleep but im only now begining to try Cymbalta, which is a pain in the butt drug to start let me tell you. Have the doctors given you a full check?
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the light headedness just started like a month ago, lost my medical card in jan so havent been able to afford anything, im currently on no meds other than an inhaler and rarely, my nebulizer. ive had asthma my whole life aswell and im very stocked up on albuterol
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Oh must be hard with having the asthma too! Do you have any other symptoms that go along with the lightheadness and sweating? i havent had the sweating yet, but ive had almost ALL the others!
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had some memory problems and i use to have insomnia, but thats been like a year ago... been feeling really incomplete lately, feeling like i dont know what i like to do, therefore i dont know what to do. buts its more of a frustration to me instead of a depression i think idk... im all confused about it
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Maybe you should go see a doctor about it. I got memory problems too but i got HEAPS of the other horrible symptoms that come along with anxiety. I hope it works out okay x
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