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anxiety symptom. Need advice .

Can chronic anxiety cause back neck pain, shoulder blade pain, muscle pain on arm and joints pain ?also, can anxiety cause numbness and tingling on hand and feet ?
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Neck and back, yes.  Anxious people have a hard time relaxing and so the muscles can get very tight.  Numbness and tingling, unlikely.  But know that just because you have an anxiety problem doesn't mean you don't get all the other things everyone else gets.  What you describe sounds like pinched nerves possibly from the neck, but it could be a host of things.  We're not professional docs here and can't diagnose you and you can't diagnose yourself.  It's also true that having physiological symptoms that anxiety sufferers get doesn't mean you're an anxiety sufferer, that disorder is dominated by anxious thinking and it's that thinking that causes the associated physiological problems, which can be pretty bad.  You begin your post by saying you have chronic anxiety.  Is that true?  Are you under treatment for it?  Have you seen a doctor to see about your other symptoms, and do you engage in activities that might cause them or are you aging and have wear and tear?  At my age, we all have some aching joints and muscles, but numbness and tingling are different and can be a sign of all kinds of things, even leaning on your elbows when you use your computer or tilting the neck with constant smart phone use or sleeping on a part of the body in a way that pinched something.  
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