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chest pain, left arm achin

hi guys ok im in a bit of a state agen. i have a really bad cold sore throat cough etc this morning i had chest pains wake me up and ever since i had a kind of lump in my throat and left arms achin. im really worrying even though im thinkin the chest pain could be through coughin and sneezin, the funny throat feelin cause its sore and the left arm ache cause im panickin like hell im wrong. i know i really answered my own worries but iits not the same as re-assurance off my medhelp friends!!! i had 6 good days in a row then this happens and puts me straight back down. when i had good days with no pain then i get pain i worry it is something really serious.
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The most frequent form of nervous cough is
one whose genesis is a little more complicated. A
continuous habitual and forced clearing of the
throat, over weeks and months, has a drying effect
upon the throat and may lead eventually to a
pharyngitis. In such cases the coughing is organic
but the conditions which brought it about are
psychogenic. The habit of sleeping with open
mouth also dries the throat and may cause a
pharyngitis and coughing. This habit sometimes
has organic causes; at times it might be the expression
of certain unconscious wishes which become
mobilized during sleep. This type of etiology in
which a psychogenic condition in time leads to
organic symptoms has been described by Freud
as different from "conversion" (6), and has been
studied in great detail by different authors, especially
Alexander (1,2,3,10). An unusual attitude
which is rooted in unconscious instinctual conflicts
causes a certain behavior; this behavior in turn
causes somatic changes in the tissues. The chronic
psychogenic condition causes inflammations which
secondarily cause coughing. We call such somatic
results of psychogenic attitudes "organ-neurotic
symptoms," and Saul has written a very interesting
paper in which he summarizes the possible psychogenic
and neurotic causes of common colds.
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thanx guys i need the re-assurance off you lot, you really help me see sense and calm down.

mamaof6,,,, i hate the left arm thing i get it too with out chest pain and it scares the hell out of me it gets me in a right state cause i know left arm pain can be heart related
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I would have to agree with the above members comments.  In my opinion, we become more anxious when we are sick and furthermore our bodies get run down, and we naturally are going to have more symptoms.  You did answer your question, I believe; your chest can really hurt after a day of coughing and congestion and that lump in the throat is quite bothersome.  Always, remember that you have already had all the tests you needed already to rule out heart problems.  Also, don't become to hard on yourself when you have a bad day with this...ups and downs are a part of life.  Focus on the positve; 6 days is great!  Keep us posted!
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Hey girl!  OHH I so know how ya feel!  Ive been having the "heart anxiety" again :(   Ill get a sharp little "electrical" shoot thru my chest and it sets me off. I do get the "aching" arm when Im stressed, even w/o chest pain, but it still sends me in a panic. It just about ruined my bday weekend last weekend. But I have noticed I get it even when Im not stressed. So I have no clue really what its from :/  But I can def. relate and I fel for ya! Try to relax and tell yourself youve been thru this a million times and youare OK! :) take care and try to relax my friend!  I know, wayyyy easier said than done!
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hi scaredjo, first of all, take some deep breaths! when i am sick, my anxiety worsens, so you may have the same issue. first off, you are sick! you are going to feel achy and uncomfortable! your chest doesn't usually get so much excercise when you are not sick... violently coughing and sneezing and blowing your nose can really shake things up in there... you may even have a strained muscle... your arm hurting could be because you slept on it wrong (when people are sick, they can't get comfortable and sleep all funny). Or it could even be pain from your chest traveling down your arm... it could be anything really! Wrap yourself in blankets, make some tea and watch a movie... let your body heal!
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