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long story short.

when i was going through switching of medications back in about july/august
(i was on one medication from age 8(luvox) and was switching to cipralex)
i would get these scary thought. like "what if" thoughts.
and i would think "what is the point of life, whyy do we do things day after day, life is one big circle"
i told my doctor about this, cuz i was a absolute wreck with these thoughts.
and he said i was going through withdrawl.
well now what i have been on cipralex for 3 or 4 solid months now,
i get these thoughts from time to time.
all this week ive been getting them, but there more indepth.
im worried about the future, im worried that things wont work out, i wont get a proper job, my agoraphobia will stop me from being social my WHOLE life (it has so far) i wont do good in school, ill live withmy parents my whole life ect.
for the past 6 months, i really hhavent done much.
i havent been "out" like in a social event, and i like to say in my room and watch tv all day thats pretty much my life right now. i went to a wedding, and i was IN FEAR of a panic attack, but got through that slowly. i see my cousins everyonce and a while, but avoid situations in fear of a panic attack or embarresing myself.
and my thoughts have been latley "what if i dont get married/get a boyfriend, what if my anxiety doesnt let me get a job, what is i dont lose my virginity, what if i do nothing and lay in bed for the rest of my life, what if, what if, what if.
so its gets me thinking , well i got nothing going for me right now so whats the  point.
i have NO intention of killing myself, im not suicidal.
its just these thoughts scare me alot, and they dont leave.
and im scared that theyll get so bad that ill like lose control.
does anyone ever feel like this?
like analyze life to much, like why do we do this, why is our life a day to day rountine?
am in the only one thinking these thoughs.
i start school in febuary and im exited/nervous so hopefully this all goes away.
conforting feedback would be helpful, nothing bad.
thanks. ;)
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Thanks guys, i just HATE these thoughts.
i take the anti depressant cipralex, and i take clonazepam which i think is a anti anxiety drug, which tends to help a bit.
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It's normal to feel apprehensive about new things.  If, however, you feel that it's interferring too much in your life, and preventing you from enjoying your life, then it seems to me that's a lot of anxiety you shouldn't have to bear.  Why not talk again with your doctor about this?  Perhaps an antianxiety medication in addition to what you're taking might help you.  It's at least worth talking with your doctor about your feelings, rather than feeling uncomfortable and worried all the time.  Good luck.  Keep us posted.

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You are asking questions about life;  I do it all the time.  Nothing in life is guaranteed, so I look at it this way.  We are not promised tomorrow so enjoy today.  

Uncertainity is a challange we all face, but it is how we confront these challanges that determine success in my opinion.  Remember that ups and downs are a part of our daily lives.  It does and will get better...keep working at it!
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