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panic attacks while driving?

I been having panic attacks while driving where i Feel i lose Control, dizzy light headed, that im going to faint like with no strength to control  the wheel or my body, the i start deep breathing n try to knock those thoughts off my head, then my heart starts pounding fast, n i get shaky from head to toes.. Is scary.. It started On the fwys now on the streets, it happens when i think about it.. Is super scary.. How can i control this feelings?? Im scared, i suffer from anxiety.. About couple months now my first panic attack was a year ago. But it seems worst. I dont take medications.. Sometimes i feel fine and sometimes i feel bad.. Now im getting depression because i feel im never going to be normal again, is sad sad.. I need a job n i feel scared working. Because my anxiety or panic.. Im depressed right , i just feel like crying asking why why? Why me? Im sad, i just broke up with my ex that been together for 10 yrs, and it makes it worst, i moved out of his house today.. His a drug addict.. Im not taking his bull anymore.. But now im concern about mt health.. Help anyone can make me feel better....
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Good for you for getting out of a toxic living situation. No wonder you have anxiety. I would recommend seeing a counselor. They can help you figure out ways to deal with your anxiety.
I understand how you feel about the driving. Many of us that have anxiety also have problems with driving and getting panic attacks.
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If you can see a psychiatrist do it.  Constant anxiety with panic episodes wears you down and depression follows.  
I have had major panic attacks while driving for many years.  
There are medications which help get it under control, and therapy to help with coping techniques.
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