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Brain Aneurysm or something else? Help!

As becoming a healthy newborn into this world, my mother told me a couple years back that the nurse shoved me back in at birth and injured my left side of my neck, I went for therapy for a couple of months as a baby. I've gotten many injuries where I haven't got em checked out while growing up. This one time I was playing mini sticks as a kid in the hockey arena with a friend and he pushed me, I went top of the head first spearing into the tip of a metal railing this was when i was about 8, ever since then I've been experiencing massive nose bleeds, but they stopped around 12-13 then came back around 16. At 16 I started noticing the back of my head was a bit deformed, sad enough to say i em 19 now and a significant amount bigger (i can lay down on the floor, head down and my head tilts to the right at about 30 degree angle).
While I was 18 I injured my back twice, first time I split in half backwards left leg went numb underwater, second time i got my cousin to crack my back. Nose bleeds starting up again followed by alot more pains and bruises; My small headaches starting turning into pressure headaches with nose bleeds, stiff neck. Some days it feels like the bumb is either smaller or bigger.. I would often enough get kinks in my left side of my neck where it would hurt to move that way for days.  After my neck started feeling better and not so stiff, when I would turn my head left I would hear 3 clicks in my head and a pop in my ear. 2-3months later my vision and hearing has dropped in performance but not by alot, when I swallow my ears make a swishing sound all the time doesnt matter if I clean them or not, left eye hurts in the morning and more sensitive to light, snaping in and out of quick depression feelings, mood swings, sometimes my brain feels like its on fire, ive been also noticing my mind slipping away into deep thoughs then when i would snap out of it i would be cross eyed and staring at nothing, ive had anxiety since i was about 12 and its been worse now, ive also been occasionally experiencing these shock pinching feeling in my nerves on the left side of my neck, this one time it happened it made my left side neck and face crunch up like i was having a stroke, ever since then ive been hearing this popping sounds in my head followed by a feeling of liquid dripping down the back of my brain to my neck then my nose would make a popping sound, this would happen more when i was laying back.
Just recently I was talking to my mom and when I was I didn't notice the bright window behind her, when I looked away I got this bright flash in my eyes i think the left one did it first tho  at the same time this sharp stabbing feeling in my stomach, to add on top of that I dont know if it was during the flash or when i had my eyes closed holding my stomach but at some moment i seen like a picture of a memory (people standing), after this event ive been feeling
-Trouble communicating and finishing sentences
-short term memory lose, date, time, names, best friends names
-fail to reply when someone was talking to me
-extreme anxiety in big crowds
-constant popping swishing feeling in my head
--I've felt brain dead for the past 2 days
My family's past involves alot of tumors (cancer) and blood pressure problems, im worried and going to get checked as soon as possible, just needed a heads up of what you guys think and can provide for me as answers, also at this time in my life i do not got health benefits
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