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Constant fear of brain cancer, seizures?Help!

Hello, I'm new to this forum. I have bypassed this forum ever since I started having these strange symptoms that scare me out of mind. Well, here it goes...I'm a 21 year old college student, who lives with my fiance and has been under constant stress. My symptoms started years ago with lathargy, anxiety, insomia, and fatigue. As a child I suffered from visual perception disorder where my eyes don't work together. Now, my nightmare statted to come true after I RECENTLY started to feel spaced out, foggy, and almost comatosed or this "half awake" feeling. I feel like I'm never fully awake, or aware. I feel like my brain is swimming in molases. Simple critical thinking questions are very tough for me to answer, I have profound visual disturbances, profound and disabling dizziness to the point where I feel like I just came off of a fast rollercoaster. I have tinnitus, a fullness in my ears, EXTREME fatigue, occasional problems swallowing,  memory issues that scare me the most and last but not least migraines in the right side of my head.

My medical history:
Chicken pox age 4
Asthma  age  5
Mono at age 13
Polycystic ovarian syndrome age 17
Severe ear infections throughout my life
Hormonal Imbalance age 18
Recently diagnosed w/ migraine disorder w/aura

Took 2 cat scans w/o contrast-negative
MRI w/o cintrast-negative
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