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MRI, MRA and Angiogram. I have a aneurysm of the left internal carotid artery where it is intersecting with the optic artery for my left eye. The aneurysm 7x6mm has a wide neck 4mm and 2 nipples (soft areas). The doctor who did my angiogram said he doesn't know what I should do because surgery would be too difficult and coiling might work if they can build a floor! I am 55, survived breast cancer last year, thyroid cancer in 1994. I don't know where to turn or who to contact. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you
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Hi Deb,

I hope you found some answers.  If not may I suggest you find a facility that inserts a glue type substance called Onyx HD into the aneurysm.  One facility that offers such a treatment is the Penn State Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA.  The Neurosurgeon heading the Neurosurgery is top notch.  His name is Dr. Robert Harbaugh. M.D.  Their telephone number is 800-243-1455 for more information.  Good luck and God Bless.
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First, let me express how sorry I am that you are going through this. I posted a question last week and after reading your post I must say I can't imagine how horrible this is for you.  Not only do you have to deal with this new situation, which I agree is terrifying, but you're still recovering physically and emotionally from your recent illnesses.  I have had my share of recent illnesses as well so I know it's overwhelming.  I know the brain can only hold so much so I wonder how much more yours and mine can handle.  I'm quite certain at this point that my 3 aneurysms are operable, I just not certain I want the surgery.  It's terrifying like you said.  I think the suggestion you received from Eddie is one to look in to.  I have no suggestions I'm sorry to say.  I think we're all in unchartered territory and it's extremely difficult to let anyone, qualified and experienced, go into our brains!  I wish I had an answer, I'm looking for direction as well.  Please continue posting and update. I'm new here so is this post and mine only on "newly diagnosed?"  I'll have to play around.  Not sure this helped any but thought I'd try.  

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